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Dream Evil
Digital & Streaming

Niklas Isfeldt
(Lead vocals)
Fredrik Nordström
(Lead rhythm guitars)
Mark U Black
(Lead lead guitars)
Peter Stålfors
(Lead bass)
Patrik Jerksten
(Lead drums)

Sweden's DREAM EVIL are not only the band feat. acclaimed Studio Fredman producer Fredrik Nordström (Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, Hammerfall, etc.) on guitars, but also one of the most inspired and entertaining melodic Metal groups of our times. After 4 much lauded studio album releases (“DragonSlayer” - 2002, “Evilized” - 2003, “The Book Of Heavy Metal” - 2004, “United” - 2006), DREAM EVIL now bring you “Gold Metal In Metal (Alive & Archive)”, their first live-release as DVD and CD, including a comprehensive Bonus-CD compilation of more than an hour of quality rare and unreleased studio tracks. The live DVD was recorded at a show in the band’s hometown of Gothenburg / Sweden by acclaimed director Patric Ullaeus / Revolver Film Company (In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, Kamelot, etc.) and the cover artwork for this release was created by Set<'H> (Paradise Lost, Exodus, Moonspell, etc.). The 2CD (Playing time of over 2 hours!) and the special DVD version (Playing time of over 100 minutes, including BOTH audio CDs as well!) are a complete guide into the vaults of DREAM EVIL and a trip to the core of true METAL at its very rockin’ best.

Having previously toured Europe, UK and Japan with acts like Hammerfall, Kamelot, Blind Guardian, Masterplan and Saxon as well as played numerous highly successful festival shows all over the globe, DREAM EVIL have established themselves as a super-reliable metallic force for all generations of quality-metal-fans and most notably 2005’s monster album “The Book Of Heavy Metal” has already grown to become a modern metal classic. “Gold Metal In Metal (Alive & Archive)” is a summary of the band’s way to the top, awarding the gold medal for the DVD format (“Live Maerd”), the silver medal for the audio live album (“Alive”) and the bronze medal for the rare-materials disc (“Archive”). Last mentioned disc features over an hour of previously unreleased and rare material, including plenty of so far completely unheard or Japan-bonus-use only songs from the sessions for “The Book Of Heavy Metal” (feat. former band members Gus G. on guitar and Snowy Shaw on drums) or even earlier albums, some outtakes from the band’s latest studio opus “United” and also three brand new studio tracks recorded especially for this release in 2007.

DREAM EVIL’s journey through their splendorous past and a glimpse at their present on “Gold Medal In Metal (Alive & Archive)” will leave the listener impressed with the sheer quality compiled here and sporting a new, very efficient band-line-up in 2008, the future looks ultra-bright for DREAM EVIL and so they shall continue fighting the world for the final triumph of metal. Don't wimp out, STRIKE GOLD!