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Nalle Österman
Oppu Laine
Marko Tarvonen
Esa Holopainen
Taneli Jarva

Brutality! Insanity! Mutilation! It's been a long while since it happened to me. Too long. Too much weak shit, too many bands who think they can play Death Metal, too many bands with no idea how to create THAT sound. Now it's all coming back to me. All the brutality, insanity and mutilation. It's the horrifying Chaosbreed.

They might as well have started back in 1973 as whiskey-jockeys for Lemmy and continued to compose music for Venom, Slayer and Entombed a decade later or creating the Boss Heavy Metal HM-2 pedal -- as some claim. Well, maybe they did. Maybe they spiritually composed all music for "Black Metal", "Reign In Blood" and "Left Hand Path" before exiling to Finland for eternal anonymity. Well, that anonymity didn't last long as the fellow members of Chaosbreed would cause havoc and wreckage everywhere they went -- as well as leaving women, children and grown-up men screaming for more -- as members of a couple of well-known Metal stormtroopers. Esa Holopainen cut his teeth and still resides in Amorphis, Nalle Österman use to pound the skins in Gandalf, Oppu Laine struggled the four strings in Amorphis and is now resurrecting classic 70's Rock with Mannhai, guitarist Marko Tarvonen hailed from the dark stars Moonsorrow, and Taneli Jarva (s)trained his throat in Sentenced (on the first 3 albums) and is still doing so today with The Black League.

In the Spring of 2003, however, these malevolent Finnish vagabonds found themselves returning home from their travels. Locked in the same room they soon found their true mission in life: to teach mankind a lesson or two about the real nature of Death Metal in true Scandinavian style. Expect no mercy! Their first EP "Unleashed Carnage" came out in July 2003 on Rising Realm Records and now they've decided to further the insanity, grind it out like motherfuckers and put forth sickness incarnate. Depravity? Misanthropy? Sickness? It's all there. This debut album, recorded and mixed at CCPC studio with producers Santeri Kallio and Niclas Etelävuori and abusing the mastering talents of the normally-esteemed Finnvox Studios, is entitled "Brutal", (yes, pun intended!) and will be unleashed upon European crowds by April 26th, 2004 via Century Media Records.

Entombed's own Uffe Cederlund and ex-Grave/Entombed veteran Jörgen Sandström nod with approval and have additionally contributed guest lead guitars and background growls to this release for maximum brutality. As a very special guest the guys invited the very first Amorphis Keyboardist, Kasper Martenson, for some unholy sounds. If you like your old school Death Metal raw and raunchy you'll get everything from down-tuned Thrash mayhem to groovy Death Rock, unpolished Autopsy insanity and even dope-fueled demonic Doom. Whether you'll call them a salvation or run for cover, they surely won't leave you feel indifferent. If in doubt, just ask your parents. This is DEATH METAL.