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Eyes of Fire

Matt Fisher
(Vocals and Bass)
Dan Kaufman
(Vocals / Guitar)
Bobby Thomas
Pete Traux
Nicky Bernardi

The world as we know it is about to disintegrate due in no small part to the sheer abrasive volume of one versatile Orange County based quintet know as EYES OF FIRE. This overwhelmingly eclectic group are about to unleash their debut full-length album, Ashes To Embers, and leave all preconceived notions at the door because you are about to witness something truly unique. This maniacal ambient savagery was originally developed years ago when Dan Kaufman (vocals, guitars) and Matt Fisher (vocals, bass), better known as founding members and creative force behind Southern California's now defunct Mindrot (Relapse Records), formed as Shiva in the spring of 1996. The formidable demise of Mindrot came as no surprise after the departure of Evan Kilbourne (drums/percussion), to pursue other musical ventures through personal and artistic differences. Thus leaving the only logical decision, to retire Mindrot permanently. Leaving under its belt two full-length albums, three EPs, four demos and multiple compilation appearances. A worldwide fanbase rarely got to experience the eclectic energy of a Mindrot live performance. This only fuelled the fire to make EYES OF FIRE a stronger, more cohesive unit of sheer strength and solidarity, which is the foundation of their strong work ethic. This goal was not far from their grasp. The first element was the addition of permanent keyboardist/noisemaker Ben Smith. On drums/percussion the group recruited John Haddad who brought his aggressive drumming to the table with a raw and unhindered approach, greatly complementing the ferocity of the other four members. The addition of a second guitarist, Cary Petersen, completes the line-up. His style and abilities on guitar give even more depth and dimensions to an already guitar-driven sound. With a full line-up in tact, the group immediately started demoing new tracks and playing numerous shows up and down the west coast. After performing alongside such genre heavyweights as Meshuggah, Cave In, Strapping Young Lad, Corrosion Of Conformity, Lacuna Coil and Napalm Death, the group quickly started to become an extremely well-versed and intense live act. In 2001, they recorded an official demo that quickly caught the attention of Century Media Records, who eventually signed them to a worldwide deal. With over two albums worth of material completed EYES OF FIRE were ready to hit the studio to record their debut album. In February 2003, the group entered Maple Studios (Lit, Zebrahead) in Southern California with producer Cameron Webb (Godsmack, Danzig). Two months later they emerged with 12 tracks of sonic brilliance. Kaufman further describes his newfound creative outlet with the following, “This EYES OF FIRE album is definitely something I am very proud to be involved in. We've grown as musicians and as artists and I think we're finally able to express what we've been feeling inside in the form of music that most people will understand. Ashes To Embers crosses many genres, appealing not only to metal heads but people from the indie world and the punk/hardcore scene. I truly think this only the tip of the iceberg for this band creatively.” EYES OF FIRE breaks down the barriers of conventional music by incorporating monstrous, pounding, tribal and atmospheric sounds into their heavily guitar-driven attack that can be compared best with a mix of Anathema as well as the intensity and magic of the mighty Neurosis. This is an ever-evolving enigma focusing on fusing emotion in the balance of melody and brutality, beauty and decay. A concept splendidly visualized by the skills of cover artist Stephen Kasner. The group will tour relentlessly upon the album’s release and begin their quest for worldwide domination. You have been warned.