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The Best Of Us Bleed
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Matt McGachy
Chris Donaldson
Flo Mounier
Jon Levasseur
(Lead and Rhythm Guitar)
Youri Raymond

Canadian extremists CRYPTOPSY retain many attributes similar to the legendary Greek beast, The Hydra, who terrorized its ancient city for years. Like the vicious creature, this band has lost several heads over the years only to add more in its place to become an even deadlier force. This unstoppable Montreal killing machine has wreaked havoc throughout the extreme metal genre for more than a decade and 5 previous studio full-length releases as well a live album, but in 2008 the band has returned stronger than ever. CRYPTOPSY have ultimately crafted their career defining release, which could quite possibly also be their most brutal, yet dynamic offering.

The much anticipated new album, “The Unspoken King”, sees acclaimed drummer Flo Mounier further defy the odds of speed and precision with a ground-breaking performance that further raises the bar for his craft. New frontman Matt McGachy is also a standout addition that will certainly have longtime fans singing his praises.

Mounier states: “We as a band have, since the beginning, been experimenting and trying to come up with music that is fresh and new. This album is no different. So mundane to us is music with no purpose, no feeling and just plain repetitive. It was time for CRYPTOPSY to acquire new blood that would play out a vision we’ve seen for years. We took an approach that gives our music a huge dynamic range and brings out its power. Brutality, diversity, complexity, emotion and musicianship define this latest work.”

Having toured relentlessly all over the globe with bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Vader, Suffocation, Candiria, Six Feet Under, Poison The Well, Nasum, Nile and many more, CRYPTOPSY are widely recognized as one of the most powerful live-performers within their scene and have already announced plans to debut the new line-up and the material of “The Unspoken King” on upcoming live dates in Mexico, a first European headline run in May - June supported by Decrepit Birth and Unmerciful, as well as being part of the massive “Summer Slaughter” tour across North America in June – July alongside The Black Daliah Murder, Kataklysm, The Faceless and several others. More European live-action is to be expected for the end of the year.

In 2008, CRYPTOPSY returns to redefine the boundaries of technical extreme metal with an album that is sure to catch the attention of the entire scene.