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Machine Men
Circus Of Fools


Ladies and Gentlemen,
Are you looking for thrills? Are you looking for intense emotions? Are you looking for METAL?
Welcome to the Circus Of Fools. Five young men from Finland armed with killer riffs, great melodies and skilful musicianship are entering the arena to entertain you with no tricks but pure modern melodic Metal rooted in the finest of traditions. MACHINE MEN have matured and grown since their 2002 self-titled debut, sharpening their tight delivery while performing at prestigious Festivals like Wacken (Ger), Graspop (NL), Earthshaker (Ger), Sauna Open Air (Fin) or on tour with their Finnish brothers in arms Sonata Arctica. You might have also heard the single “Falling” from their sophomore album Elegies (2005) that went to #5 on the official Finnish charts. Since then, MACHINE MEN have developed their style and songwriting skills even further to offer you their latest effort entitled Circus Of Fools. Starting with the furious title track followed by the first single, “No Talk Without The Giant”, MACHINE MEN take no prisoners. Still, the band provides time for the listener to breathe with epic tracks like “Where I Stand”, but you won’t want to leave the hall before the final curtain falls with “The Cardinal Point”. Special guests in the arena are Marko Hietala (Nightwish & Tarot), Keijo Niinimaa (Rotten Sound), Tommi ‘Tuple’ Salmela (Tarot), Rainer Nygård (Diablo) and some more VIP’s of the mighty Finnish Metal scene.
Recorded at Fantom Studio (Rotten Sound, Negative, etc.) in Tampere, Finland and mastered at the Nordic hit machine Finnvox Studios (Children Of Bodom, Edguy, etc.) by Mika Jussila, Circus Of Fools is a shining example of the highest production standards possible. However, such an energetic sound is still best served live, so don’t miss them on their Finland club tour in early 2007 and the Earthshaker Roadshock tour (w/ Finntroll, Apokalyptische Reiter, After Forever & Tarot) in April/May 2007.
And now press “play” – it’s Showtime.