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Mika Tauriainen
Tom Mikkola
Jaani Kähkönen
Joni Miettinen
Aksu Hanttu
Riitta Heikkonen

The Finnish gothic metal supergroup ENTWINE have travelled a long way to become one of most fascinating acts of their genre.
Founded by Aksu Hanttu (drums), Tom Mikkola (guitar, also vocals at that time) and T.Taipale (bass) in 1995, it did not take long for them to get bored with the limitations the death metal genre imposed on their creativity. The feedback on their first demo, “Divine Infinity” (1997) was extremely positive, and word started spreading around of these new hopefuls that had now replaced death with goth. Riitta Heikkonen took over the keyboard-duties in 1998 and a year later Spikefarm Records offered Entwine a recording deal. After the debut album “The Treasures Within Hearts” in 1999 the band’s line-up was expanded with the new bassist Joni Miettinen and singer, Mika Tauriainen.

The debut’s follow up album, “Gone” (2002) immediately receiving glowing reviews and world-wide praise: Not only was “Gone” awarded the Album Of The Month title in Germany's Metal Hammer, but their single “New Dawn” was a permanent resident in German clubs, too. Furthermore their success was crowned by a Top Ten position of “New Dawn” in the national Finnish Single Charts.

A new guitarplayer, Jaani Kähkönen, joined the fold in 2001 and in early 2002 they recorded their third full-length album, “Time Of Despair”, that was followed by a world tour with Theatre Of Tragedy. Both the album and the tour were milestones in ENTWINE's career, establishing their place in the gothic metal hall of fame. The story continued with even more success after releasing the fourth album “DiEversity” (2004), followed by the “Sliver” EP which included the captivating hit track “Break Me”, which was also the teaser for “Fatal Design”.

The new album was recorded at Petrax and Groveland studios by ENTWINE's very own drummer Aksu Hanttu and produced by Janne Joutsenniemi (known from the ranks of legendary Finnish metal band Stone and latterly from the line up of Sub Urban Tribe). The tracks were then mixed in the subtle care of Finnvox's Mikko Karmila (who is highly appreciated for his work with Nightwish, Children Of Bodom, and many others) and mastered at Stockholm's Cutting Room.

In 2006 “Fatal Design” presents a new, heavier ENTWINE, a band that makes goth go one step further. Enjoy!

Press on the previous album „DiEversity“:
“...a single loop in my CD player...you can’t do anything wrong with buying this!”
Sonic Seducer (D)

“Songs like Still Remains, Frozen By The Sun and especially the outstanding Nothing's Forever are potential hits and could establish Entwine after HIM and The Rasmus as the next Finnish chart breakers.”
Rock It! (D)