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Fear My Thoughts

Martin Fischer
(vocals & organ, piano)
Markus Ruf
(guitars & background vocals)
Patrick Hagmann
(guitars & background vocals)
Bartosz Wojciechowski
Norman Lonhard

With their 6th full-length “Isolation”, FEAR MY THOUGHTS are uncompromisingly evolving from their past efforts, daringly advancing into a way more organic, dynamic and honest sound that proudly defies every trend and musically marks a quantum leap beyond any stylistic limitation.

“Isolation” is the first studio opus featuring new singer Martin Fischer who delivered a stunning live-debut on the Hell On Earth tour 2007 . On the new album itself he succeeds in expanding the band’s sound with nothing less than an entire new universe of versatility and expressiveness. Musically, “Isolation” impressively unites influences from all sorts of heavy music, be it straight forward modern metal aggressiveness or classic 70’s hard and progressive rock, all topped off by Fischer’s highly diverse, captivating voice and the band’s unique feel for colorful catchiness and grand choruses.

Driven by the desire to be their own masters and stick to their DIY-ethic s , “Isolation” was recorded at the band’s own Black Halo Studios by guitarist Patrick Hagmann, the artwork concept and design was done by Markus Ruf (guitar) whereas vocalist Martin composed, played and recorded all synthesizer and organ parts. Furthermore, FEAR MY THOUGHTS were overjoyed to be able to work with legendary producer Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, In Flames, Soilwork, Strapping Young Lad), who handled mixing duties and vocal recordings.

Music’s history always profited from acts not submitting to conventions, traditions, and stereotyped thinking and only accept ing their own inventiveness and ideas as the boundaries of their art . FEAR MY THOUGHTS have both the guts and the conviction it takes to live out this attitude and “Isolation” consists of ten statements in favor of progress and unconstrained musicianship.