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Summon In Thunder

Johnny Pettibone
Chad Davis
Kirby Johnson
Joshua Freer aka Sammi Curr
Derek Harn

HIMSA have triumphantly returned with a monstrous new effort, “Summon In Thunder”, which is a dynamic, thrashing metal assault that will quickly force the entire genre to take notice. Steve Carter (who produced HIMSA’s second album “Courting Tragedy and Disaster”) produced the music while Devin Townsend (Lamb of God, Darkest Hour) produced vocals and the renowned Tue Madsen (The Haunted) brought it all together nailing the mixing and mastering duties.

The Seattle-based metal quintet’s ferocious blend of melodic, unrelenting thrash speed mixed with old-school influences results in a savage, unique and uncompromising sound that is welcome, refreshing and undeniable. This scorching new effort (and debut Century Media offering) also marks the return of original guitarist, Sammi Curr, to the fold. With Curr rejoining and collaborating with Kirby Johnson (guitars), the group’s integrity and passion were at an all-time high, resulting in their most dynamic and devastating material yet.
Derek Harn (bass) states: “The new album draws from the strengths of our last two records, “Courting Tragedy and Disaster” and “Hail Horror”, but this is an entirely new chapter for HIMSA and our fans. Sammi Curr wrote a lot of the music for “Courting…” and Kirby Johnson (guitars) wrote most of the tracks on “Hail Horror” (when Sammi wasn't in the band), so the two of them have joined forces to craft a whole new level of rage. This album is an evolution of everything people have grown to expect and respect from our enduring and grumpy metal band, with a few new twists. We're older, but we're wiser and faster than ever.”

Reversing the meaning of a Sanskrit word for peace and harmony among all creatures, HIMSA's name now rightfully dubs them the bearers of rage and wrath, essentially translating to "living life with the most amount of harm and evil possible”. With a name embodying the very nature of heavy metal, the HIMSA of this day and age have earned themselves the name they've had since 1998 through constant touring and undying devotion to the band's cause.
“Courting Tragedy and Disaster” (2003), was hailed by Revolver magazine as “A manic 11-song effort that's as speedy and raw as it is technical and melodic,” earning the band a highlight as one of 10 bands labeled as the future of metal; however, 2006’s “Hail Horror” truly began to show what this band was capable of, as they let their brutal catchiness naturally coexist alongside musical complexity. The album (produced by Madsen) perfected the formula that has allowed the band to continue building their own niche in the current metal scene, gaining attention from MTV, FUSE, Revolver, Guitar World, Outburn, Kerrang!, Metal Hammer and countless other outlets.

Being chosen for MTV2's Headbangers Ball Tour in 2004 alongside Bleeding Through, Arch Enemy, and Cradle of Filth, and having toured with As I Lay Dying, Shadows Fall and The Black Dahlia Murder, HIMSA have continually upped the ante as a touring machine, clawing their way onto higher-profile tours each time around. The band further proved their worth as a headliner on their own “Dirty Black Summer Tour,” boldly hitting the road in the face of larger touring festivals. Their efforts culminated in the huge success of 2005's “Blackest of the Black Tour,” alongside Danzig, Chimaira and Behemoth.

Through the course of eight years, fads have come and gone, and musical tastes within metal have shifted like the tides. But all along, HIMSA's veins have undoubtedly flowed with metal. One foot of the band's collective conscious has been continually striding forward to lead an ever-evolving metal scene, while the other has remained planted in their old-school roots.

In 2007, HIMSA are destined to leave a definitive mark on the genre and with a European tour with As I Lay Dying and Darkest Hour, their thunderous metal fury is destined to take the world by storm!