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At All Cost
Circle Of Demons

Trey Ramirez
Andrew Collins
(vocals, keyboards)
Jon Oswald
(drums, percussion)
Bobby Andrews
Michael Carrigan Theobald

The variety of artists on Century Media Records throughout the last decade prompted the label to coin the phrase “Diversity In Extremes.” This philosophy is more evident than ever with Century Media welcoming AT ALL COST to its worldwide family. The group encompasses the definition of diversity, imposing no limitations to their songwriting while blending together a propulsive blend of thrash and hard rock laden with captivating hooks. This is most evident on their dynamic new offering, “Circle of Demons”, which is definitely going to help them carve out their own special niche within the scene. Trey Ramirez (guitars, vocals) further describes the new effort: “With “Circle of Demons”, we are finally establishing our definitive sound. We have had the benefit of learning from our previous record and EPs, which have shaped us into something we are really proud of. Our current lineup is the strongest and most cohesive it’s ever been in our five-year history. It’s great that we now have the necessary platform to reach the masses, and we can’t wait to hear the reactions.” This Austin, Texas-based quintet released their debut offering, “It’s Time To Decide”, on Combat Records in 2005, and with producer Rory Phillips (The Rise), they ultimately cultivated a sound all their own. The disc is composed of a rollercoaster of emotions and sounds as vocalist Andrew Collins assumes various identities, seamlessly shifting from a robotic persona, to a commanding aggressor, to a catchy crooner. This group pride themselves on pushing the envelope to deliver a product that stands the test of time. In addition to the band’s unique sound, it is their live show and DIY attitude that sets them well ahead of the pack. The group has toured relentlessly over the past two years with dates spanning across the U.S., including several successful SXSW appearances in addition to dates with such acclaimed artists as Norma Jean and Darkest Hour. In 2007, AT ALL COST set their sights high and delivers an album that will easily set itself apart from the pack.