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Flowing Tears

Helen Vogt
Benjamin Buss
Frederic Lesny
Stefan Gemballa

“It was like we’ve never rehearsed with someone else”, remembers Benjamin Buss (guitars, programming) the first time new singer Helen Vogt visited them in their rehearsal-room. After the departure of Stefanie Duchêne, the Gothic Rockers from Saarbrücken tried a whole lot of different vocalists as the follow-up for Stefanie, who decided to concentrate on her private life and take a step off-stage. When they were looking for a new singer they definitely wanted more than just a substitute for Stefanie. Still, the deep female voice was a trademark they wanted to maintain. “We had rehearsed with many extremely good singers, but it always sounded like a band covering FLOWING TEARS. With Helen we just clicked, it was pure magic. Being a fan she knew some of our songs even better than the rest of us guys. She really kicked our butts”, smiles Benjamin.

After spending six months with rehearsing new singers they were dying to play live again and write new songs. Playing live has always been their most favourite part about being in a band, which they had proved with successful European tours supporting Therion and Voivod (for Jade) as well as Tiamat and Moonspell (for Serpentine). Helen succeeded her “acid test” on Wave Gotik Treffen festival 2003 and after several single-shows they finally warmed up the famous London Astoria for My Dying Bride. German Hammer stated in their live-review: “During ‘Swallow’ her dark voice carries across well, the same goes with for the brand new, more heavy and darker songs from Razorbliss or the forceful ‘Sistersun’. Strengthened like this, the fiery frontwoman even gallantly flirts with the fans towards the end which gains her additional popularity and FLOWING TEARS a place in the hearts of London’s crowd.”

A lot of the material on Razorbliss developed spontaneously with the new whirlwind called Helen encouraging their heavier edge. Thus, it’s only obvious that the album rocks even more than FLOWING TEAR’s previous ones. Benjamin explains: “Razorbliss is more from the gut than the majority of our previous material. It was almost like we had just founded the band. Everything was new and anything was possible.” The idea to have Angel Dust/Mercury Tide frontman Dirk Thurisch do guest-vocals on the heavy “Believe” came up spontaneously during the recording which brought them back to Woodhouse Studios with long-term producer Waldemar Sorychta (Lacuna Coil, Moonspell).

Despite all musical changes Razorbliss will surely not disappoint any FLOWING TEARS fan, but rather offers a refined distillate of the band’s most outstanding qualities. Draped in an artwork that perfectly expresses the bittersweet nature of their music, the never ending cycle of life and decay, the modern rock yet dreamy qualities within Razorbliss will surely leave a mark on your heart and soul.