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Stick To Your Guns
Comes From The Heart

Jesse Barnett
Casey Lagos
Darel Mcfadyen
Alex Barnett
Ryan "The Dog" Nelson

STICK TO YOUR GUNS is a 5 piece melodic hardcore band from Orange County, CA. The group began in the summer of 2003 when vocalist Jesse Barnett was inspired to form a band that would provide him with a medium to project his view points and reflect his musical influences. STICK TO YOUR GUNS blends melody, heaviness, and sincerity into one solid sound that will cater to fans of Comeback Kid, Throwdown, Ignite, and Rise Against. After supporting Ignite on a sold out show in California, they completed a Westcoast tour with Caliban and The Acacia Strain, as well as a 7 week co-headline tour with Too Pure to Die and As Blood Runs Black. Now the unstoppable hype began to spread all of the USA. STYG headlined all of the Texas and California shows with all of the turnouts being between 300 and 500 kids and also holds the record for the highest attendance ever at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, Orange County's premier all ages venue.

Even before signing to Sumerian Records, the amount of momentum behind the band was so powerful that they were chosen to open the Terror tour in 2007 that also features The Warriors and All Shall Perish. STICK TO YOUR GUNS caught the attention of almost every independent label in the music community. Rather than jump into a deal, the band continued their relentless touring schedule and headlined a 6 week US tour that firmly planted their stake in the US touring business by drawing on average 400 people a night. The tour ended in San Diego at an New Years Eve show where over 1,200 people were in attendance.

STICK TO YOUR GUNS diehard touring work ethic combined with their passionate and infectious live show will undoubtedly bring the band success and many exciting opportunities in 2008 including their European debut on the Hell On Earth Tour with Walls Of Jericho and Evergreen Terrace and the Vans Warped Tour (USA). STICK TO YOUR GUNS are definitely the new melodic hardcore highlight of the year and bloody worthy to keep both eyes on!