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For The Lions (Covers Album)

Jamey Jasta
Wayne Lozinak
Frank 3 Gun Novinec
Chris Beattie
Matt Byrne

When HATEBREED first emerged in the 1990s, it was a stretch to think that a band like theirs could ever achieve widespread commercial and popular success – let alone become a cultural force with global influence. Sure, aggressive music had pierced the public sphere to a limited extent; but so many bands described as heavy, loud, fast or any combination of the three were relegated to the most remote margins of popular culture. For a band like HATEBREED, it would have seemed exceptionally so – their sound has always been just so contentious, their message so raw.

HATEBREED did not get here by going whichever way the wind blew – they do their thing. And while the band members are quick to point out that their music doesn’t push in too many different directions, this is one of those cases where less is most certainly more. In HATEBREED, it’s a mixture of indignant aggression and bone-rattling loudness – the gut-gripping pulse – of the heaviest metal. It moves people. As a rule, HATEEBREED have attracted more fans, gained wider recognition, and cultivated a broader audience than most bands considered to be their contemporaries. They offer a musical experience that is purer and more personally arresting than most others; even when placed in the largesse of package tours or giant rock festivals, HATEBREED remain forcefully distinguished and undeniable. The future of aggressive music cannot and will not be written without them.

After the phenomenal success of the #1 Billboard charting “Live Dominance” DVD, which was filmed during the band’s US tour in support of its latest studio opus “Supremacy”, Century Media Records now proudly present you the new HATEBREED covers album “For The Lions” (released in the US & Canada via E1 Music). The songs on “For The Lions” were carefully selected by HATEBREED to represent a panoramic view of some of their favorite artists and greatest musical inspirations and are executed with a maximum of passion and sheer brutality!

“For The Lions” also includes the band’s first recordings with original guitar player Wayne Lozinak, who rejoined the HATEBREED family after the departure of Sean M. Martin e.g. a murderously intense version of Slayer’s “Ghosts Of War” and the punk/hardcore classics “Supertouch/Shitfit (Bad Brains), “Thirsty” (Black Flag), and “Suicidal Maniac” (Suicidal Tendencies). Perfectly fitting HATEBREED’s unique brand of metallic hardcore the quintet respectfully pays tribute to such metal classics as “Escape” (Metallica), “Refuse/Resist” (Sepultura), “I’m In Pain” (Obituary), loads of old school hardcore with e.g. “Shut Me Out” (Sick Of It All), “Your Mistake” (Agnostic Front), “It’s The Limit” (Cro-Mags), doomcore legend Crowbar as well as “newer” acts like Madball, Subzero, and Merauder. By adding some violent punk eruptions like “Hatebreeders” (Misfits) or “Sick Of Talk” (Negative Approach), “For The Lions” is a highly diverse slab of blistering cover versions sounding as heartfelt and dedicated as each HATEBREED release - if you do not hear how much fun these guys had performing and recording such tracks you must be deaf!

While the band ventures through different styles on the album, Jamey Jasta’s unmistakable voice and the bludgeoning production by long-time band associate Chris "Zeuss" Harris make “For The Lions” a true HATEBREED record in every aspect.

Known and loved by their rabid worldwide fanbase for being a gigantic live act, HATEBREED will be performing live at several European festivals this summer including Hellfest (F), Vainstream Rockfest (D), With Full Force (D), Graspop (B) and many others. Of course, the band will integrate a few of the stunning cover versions from “For The Lions” into its set.

Even if “For The Lions” is “just” a covers album it marks another sonic statement that HATEBREED are the unrivalled leaders of metallic hardcore!