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Dead To This World
First Strike Of Spiritual Renewance
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(Supreme Necromancer of the Apocalypse)
m:A Fog
(Black God of Infamous Circle)

Formed in Bergen, Norway, in 2002 and was set out to be Iscariah's (Necrophagia, ex-Immortal) solo project. Dead to this World sees the return to the ancient speed/thrash/black metal underground, and remains to this day a complete study and worship of ancient darkness.

A 3 track demo was recorded on the 23rd of April 2005 in Voltage Studios Bradford, UK. A limited edition hand numbered promo package of 150 copies was sent out to relevant & potential sources in the scene, and was later released as a 7''EP through Iron Pegasus Records in a strictly limited edition. Also, a split-7"EP with Audiopain was released through Hearse Records.

After signing with Dark Essence Records, the debut album “First Strike For Spiritual Renewance” was recorded at Conclave & Earshot Studio with producer Bjørnar E. Nilsen. Drumming duties on the album are handled by ex-Gorgoroth drummer, Kvitrafn, while ex-Old Funeral guitar player and The Battalion chieftain Stud Bronson appear on guest vocals. Some lyrics have been written by Jason Healey from Atomizer.

Dead To This World delivers the most pitch black thrash metal you’ll ever hear!!