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(Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)
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The sixth album from one of Norway’s oldest and most revered viking metal bands, Helheim, offers a new side to the band. You have never heard Helheim so epic, dark and diverse before, and the band has progressed a lot since the celebrated album, “The Journeys And The Experiences Of Death” from 2006. Musically, this time Helheim focuses more on the monumental and epic versus speed and brutality. You can also expect more progressive and experimental part s this time, and the return of former member Lindheim is contributing on keyboards. There’s also guest vocals from Marius Lynghjem (Corvine), Royce (HellHikers) and Bjørnar Nilsen (Vulture Industries) who also produced the album.

"Kaoskult" describes the energy and force that lies behind the Northern creation. It describes everything from the vast emptiness to the creative energy through different uses of symbols. The band has also returned to Norwegian lyrics again, which really sets the atmosphere on the album.
“Kaoskult” is the definite epic masterpiece from Helheim!