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We Were Gentlemen
Living Hell
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We Were Gentlemen started July of 2005. The band was formed from members of several different local bands in the Virginia Beach area of Virginia. All with the drive to write heavy music and tour heavily, the band was on their way to building a substantial fan base. Sharing the stage locally with bands such as Converge(Epitaph Records), A Life Once Lost(Ferret Records), Black My Heart(Eulogy Recordings), The Red Chord(Metal Blade Records), Caliban(Century Media Records), From A Second Story Window(Metal Blade Records), Suicide Silence(Century Media Records), Too Pure To Die(Trustkill Records), etc, We Were Gentlemen decided it was time to take the band to the next level. Guitar players Kalan Blehm and Richard Nuepert went out and financed a van and trailer and began booking tours up and down the east coast with bands such as My Bitter End(Uprising Records), Cassius(Lifeforce Records), and ABACABB(Summerian Records).

After a few successful east coast tours, We Were Gentlemen decided it was time to venture towards the west coast where they would meet up with said bands along the way:Emmure(Victory Records), Ed Gein(Black Market Activities), Remembering Never(Ferret Records), Life Long Tragedy(Deathwish Inc.), etc. With their rapidly growing fan base and their undeniable success for an unsigned/undiscovered band, We Were Gentlemen were invited to play the 1st Annua Virginia Metal/Hardcore Festival with such bands as A Life Once Lost(Ferret Records), On Broken Wings(Eulogy Recordings), Through The Eyes of the Dead(Prosthetic Records), August Burns Red(Solid State Records), Sworn Enemy, and many other well know acts, in addition to the only Virginia date 7 Angles 7 Plagues performed on their mini reunion tour.

After touring the country heavily and playing countless shows, We Were Gentlemen could not see themselves moving forward as a "metal" band. They decided to take a break from shows and write all new material. Reaching back to what came a little more natural to them, hardcore with a metal influence. The band began writing songs that were straight forward, to the point, and with more structure. During this time, We Were Gentlemen went through a few member changes. Matt Tarpey(ex-Winter Solstice) took over on vocal duties, and drummer Steven Moody(ex-The Varsity) jumped aboard in spring of 2007. Recently, Steven Tomany(ex-member and co-founder of Alesana) joined to solidify the full line-up. Up to this oint, We Were Gentlemen has done everything completely on their own. Without financial or professional help from a label, booking agent, manager, or other party, over two years of hard work has gotten them to the point they are now.

With new songs, a freshened line-up, and now Century Media Records behind them, We Were Gentlemen is ready to show the world who they are and share with the masses the music they live for!