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Embrace The End
Ley Lines

Jesse Alford
Addison Quarles
Christopher McMahon
Bart Mullis
Spencer Daly

EMBRACE THE END are a deadly five-headed beast bent on eradicating all those who so carelessly use the words "brutal" and "heavy" to describe other bands' music. Once subjected to the apocalyptic abandon these Sacramento natives churn forth, it's clear they're going to be annihilating the audience and their contemporaries alike. With a sound inspired by both metal and hardcore alike, EMBRACE THE END prove to be uncompromising in aggression and unmatched in their sound. Using a deft fusion of scathing blast beats amid a torrent of seismic breakdowns their musicianship is supreme and devastating. After one listen to their sophomore album, Ley Lines, it's made clear that EMBRACE THE END are unrelenting in all facets from their destructive music to their lyrics and vision. Fusing with the band's technical prowess is their vocal bombardment, hitting the listener with a myriad of vocal stylings from all across the board, backed by enough desperation to bring attention from even the most calloused bystander. With a style that relies heavily on melody and groove but doesn't fail to kick your ass when you least expect it (think deathcore with soul), Embrace the End also has the content that seems to be lacking in most contemporaries. Spending a majority of time in 2005 and 2006 on the road with bands like The Warriors, Bleeding Through, Through The Eyes of The Dead and Blacklisted, the band quickly gained momentum in the underground metal and hardcore scene. Their debut Counting Hallways To The Left got everyone’s attention and now with a new and revamped lineup, they are poised to showcase what it means to play with intelligence and passion. Despite lineup changes, 2008 finds Embrace The End with it's most focused and intense agenda possible. Their sophomore release titled "Ley Lines" is set to come out April 13th on Century Media Records and EMBRACE THE END stands poised to conquer the US and the rest of the world, or what is left of it.