Century Media Records - The Number ONE in Metal worldwide

War D.
(Guitar, Vocals)
(Lead Guitar)
Graven X
(Keyboard, Sampler )

The initial line-up was War D. on guitar, Zumof on vocals, Acronoise on drums, and Masmiseim (b. Christophe Mermod, Acronoise's brother) on bass. Masmise left early on to join Samael, with Zumof departing soon after. Samael’s current vocalist/guitarist Vorph did vocals on the demo Black Wedding (1990), and War D. then took over vocal duties and the band issued their debut album, The Just Law, on Head Not Found Records. After several more line-up changes, they signed to Adipocere Records, who issued their second album, ...And Death Smiled, in 1995. Much like their fellow countrymen Samael, gothic and industrial musical elements played an important role in their sound during their later career, starting as a raw black metal before signing to Century Media records in 1996, who began distributing the group's output in the United States. The Other Side was released in 1997 and in 1998, their fourth album, Revenge was issued. the band line-up at this stage was War D. on guitar/synthesizer/vocals, Acronoise on drums, Nick on second guitar, and Raff on bass.

"The Other Side" is generally considered as their trademark album, clearly showing that aggression does not always come from playing fast songs. The opener "In Darkness", and the title track, are some of their best-known tracks.

In 2000, the band added Sebastian on drums and Graven X on keyboards. Their last album was the 10-track opus Unity, released in 2001 on Century Media Records. After that, they started building their own home studio, which was initially supposed to be used for the recording of their 6th album, for which several songs had actually been written. However, the album was never recorded and the band split up in 2004. The members still do play together though in several other musical projects, and they use their common home studio. But they do not play together anymore as Alastis.