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Angelus Apatrida
Hidden Evolution
Digital Release

David G. Álvarez
(Lead & Rhythm Guitars)
Guillermo Izquierdo
(Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars)
José J. Izquierdo
Victor Valera

ANGELUS APATRIDA were once dubbed “the most promising and threatening Metal band from Spain!” when Century Media Records first launched the band internationally in the turn of 2009/2010. And it indeed became a non-stop busy period ever since the release of their ‘Clockwork’ album. Kicking off with a support slot for the Spanish Arch Enemy tour in December 2009, this talented and voracious Thrash Metal quartet made sure to stay busy and spread their musical message on the road, doing about 80 (!) shows in their native Spain as well as in Portugal (with appearances at all relevant festivals, including Sonisphere and En Vivo), plus acting as national support for the recent Slayer / Megadeth tour there. Additionally, ANGELUS APATRIDA also toured Europe twice for the release: first together with Skeletonwitch and Warbringer, as well as later on with Dying Fetus, Keep Of Kalessin, Carnifex and Fleshgod Apocalypse, which launched the band towards the loyal European Thrash Metal legions…

Originally founded around 2000 in Albacete, Spain, the band’s name mixes the Spanish and Latin language and can be translated into English as “stateless” or “renegade” angels. Prior to signing a worldwide deal with Century Media Records, ANGELUS APATRIDA had already put out two independent, self-released albums (‘Evil Unleashed’ in 2006 and ‘Give ‘Em War’ in 2007) and finally managed to become the new leading Metal act in Iberia with their third album release, ‘Clockwork’, in 2010. Spain’s biggest music magazine, Mondosonoro, voted ANGELUS APATRIDA “Best Metal band of the year (2010)”, Kerrang Spain and Rockzone Mag named them “Best band of the year (2010)” and Rolling Stone Spain finally labeled them as "The Spanish band that plays the most outside of the country". Upon release, ‘Clockwork’ entered the official sales charts in Spain at #44, as well as in Greece at #45.

ANGELUS APATRIDA’s next album, ‘The Call’, which showcased a progressing entity and their strongest material so far, entered the official sales charts in Spain at a stellar #14 spot upon release in 2012, and it was enhanced with the clever video clip for the track “You Are Next”. The album’s touring campaign included two comprehensive European runs: first together with label-mates 3 Inches of Blood, with whom they also shared a split 7" EP release, Goatwhore and Havok, and then a second time with Havok and Savage Messiah. In order to prolong the band’s cycle of activity and to debut their previous catalogue also outside of Spain, Century Media Records officially re-released the band’s early albums as a 2CD set with several bonus tracks (37 tracks total!), entitled ‘Evil Unleashed / Give ‘Em War’ (2013), which was followed up by the band’s first ever tour in Japan together with Rotting Christ and Havok-- just before ANGELUS APATRIDA kicked off working on their next studio album release. Entitled ‘Hidden Evolution’, the album - just as its two predecessors - has been once again recorded in Moita, Portugal at Ultrasound Studio with longtime producer Daniel Cardoso (Anneke Van Giersbergen, Anathema, etc.) and the expressive cover artwork was this time handled by Gyula Havancsák / Hjules.com, who has also created album sleeves for bands such as Annihilator, Destruction, Stratovarius, Grave Digger and Nightingale. ‘Hidden Evolution’ doubtlessly shines through as ANGELUS APATRIDA’s most versatile and matured effort to date, carrying forth the band’s trademark combination of raw Thrash Metal riffing heaviness and ultra-melodic, almost traditional Heavy Metal rooted catchiness-- both constantly embedded in very effective song-writing and topped off by Guillermo Izquierdo’s charismatic vocals. The main theme of ‘Hidden Evolution’ revolves around discoveries and technical developments that have been secretly pushed back for different reasons (big corporations, possible danger towards establishment, governmental conspiracy, etc.). Furthermore, Armageddon / ex-Arch Enemy guitarist Chris Amott appears with a guest guitar lead on the track “Speed Of Light”, and the album’s special edition Jewelcase CD comes with Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” in a nicely metallized version as a special bonus track.