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Jag Panzer
Casting The Stones

Harry The Tyrant Conklin
Mark Briody
John Tetley
Chris Broderick
Rikard Stjernquist

„Casting The Stones” is JAG PANZER’s 2004’s expression of excellence. Since their beginning in the early ‘80s, the Colorado quintet have consistently released celebrated albums. Begun as a group of friends, the band have nine full-length albums and persevered through key line-up shifts to return with a release that places them to the same pivotal apex they reached with their debut full-length underground classic, 1984’s „Ample Destruction”. Having travelled the USA extensively in support of their last two albums including U.S. tours with Helloween, In Flames, and Iced Earth, JAG PANZER have won accolades as a powerful live act, receiving Rock Hard Germany’s coveted No. 1 Concert Of The Year for their 2003 headlining performance in Cologne, Germany. „Casting The Stones” features the same solidified, formidable line-up showcased on the group’s previous four releases beginning with 1998’s „The Age Of Mastery” (hailed by Metal Maniacs as „one of the best power metal albums ever made”): founding guitarist Mark Briody, bassist John Tetley, and vocalist Harry „The Tyrant” Conklin, long-time drummer Rikard Stjernquist, and lead guitar virtuoso Chris Broderick, these individuals meld talent and technique into a fearsome united attack. Recorded at One Track Studios in Denver and at Big Wilma's Temple of Bigass Sound in their native Colorado Springs, Colorado and mixed and mastered by long-time recording partner Jim Morris (Iced Earth, Savatage) at Florida’s Morrisound Studios (Death, Obituary), „Casting The Stones”’ unbridled passion is delivered with unscathed clarity. Apparent is the band’s unity of thought and musical aspirations. Conklin’s robust vocals fuse with Briody’s triumphantly moving guitar melodies, which only soar higher when joined with Broderick’s astonishing lead guitar work. Background vocals on „The Mission (1943)“ and „Starlight’s Fury“ are courtesy of Bob Parduba, the band’s vocalist from the classic „Chain Of Command” album, which was finally officially released by Century Media Records as a European limited edition in June 2004. Opening with the mesmerizing „Feast Or Famine”, „Casting The Stones” quickly bring on that which JAG PANZER are best known for: dynamic melodies, compelling vocals and astonishing guitar work. „The Mission (1943)” recalls the historic operation against great odds to take out the guns at Navarone, the music and triumphant chorus equal to the ferocious mission. „Vigilant” ensnares the mind telling the dark tale of ever-present watchers protecting the innocent. With eerie dissonant passages that hearken to bands like Nevermore and Tad Morose, „Starlight’s Fury” trips through a galaxy of creative emotion, returning the vibrancy of life and beauty of cosmic fatality. Herein JAG PANZER present 11 songs bursting with vocal harmonies, fretboard-scorching guitar work, sinister and formidable song-writing, memorable choruses and historical lyrics. Fans waiting for the return of legendary American progressive power metal should wait no more, for JAG PANZER are „Casting The Stones”.