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Michael Vampire
Aaron Graves
DJ Black


Since his on-screen debut as Nosferatu via the film of the same name in 1922, our fascination with vampires and all that they represent has only continued to grow. Whether it be a caped Bela Lugosi, a dapper Peter Cushing, an eternally youthful David Bowie, an elderly Gary Oldman or a porcelain-featured Robert Pattison, the only thing that has remained constant about the vampire paradigm has been change; a seemingly timeless ability to morph from one form to another while retaining its core essence. The same can be said for Vampires Everywhere!’s sophomore release, Hellbound And Heartless. Revamped and revivified, Vampires Everywhere! in 2012 is a leaner, meaner and far darker entity, trading in auto-tune for tormented bellowing and slick production for a rawer, beefier and altogether more bombastic sound, but still retaining their core sound that served as their calling card.

“We wanted to write from our hearts but at the same time shape a sound that would define us as a band. We decided to go heavier & darker but at the same time keep a 90's feel to a majority of the songs,” explains lead singer Michael Vampire. The 90’s influence is immediately apparent with just a cursory glance at the track listing, with a cover of Nirvana’s “Rape Me” reworked with a menacing snarl and a nod to Marilyn Manson. The songs on Hellbound And Heartless are an amalgamation of 80’s hair metal, early 90’s industrial elements and a wholly modern take on the aggressive music genre. “We do have some amazing industrial elements to the record. Also our whole band loves old 80's metal so it made sense to incorporate guitar solos in to the formula,” explains Vampire. The addition of guitarist DJ Black and Philip Kross on bass empowered the band to expand the more muscular side of their music, and the band’s close quarters while on tour contributed to a much more collaborative genesis from which new songs sprang forth. “We would either write in the van or at different hotels along the way. It was pretty intense but at the same time amazing to have everyone in the van throwing ideas & collaborating on our new sound. DJ would email me the song & I'd throw on my ear phones to write the lyrics on my laptop. It's an amazing feeling to write material that you truly believe in.”

Produced by Cyanide Productions, the team of Mike Sarkisyan and Tommy Decker (guitarist and drummer of modern metallers Spineshank), the album sprung forth from a kindred place amongst the musicians.

“They had a different outlook on how musicians acted when locked in an enclosed space trying to push out feelings to make a record.” Whatever that outlook was, Sarkisyan and Decker managed to get the best out of the band. Loud and brash, Hellbound And Heartless is uneasy listening indeed. While songs like lead single “I Can’t Breathe” and the dark fistpumping “Drug of Choice” are immediately catchy, they belie an ominous tone that permeates the entire record. The slow burn and churn of “Unholy Eyes” and the full frontal assault of “Hell On Earth” show the breadth of Vampires Everywhere!’s vision of a Bleak New World, one which stems directly from Michael Vampire himself. “Honestly, I am not a happy person. I don't see rainbows & lollipops sprouting from my kitchen walls! I wanted to make a record that expressed how I really feel about life, religion, social climbing, hate & of course, love. These are not happy topics & topics such as these deserve the proper soundtrack.” With a surprisingly positive message hidden amidst the aural assault – one of individualism and self-confidence – Hellbound And Heartless leaves you feeling battered and bruised, yet stronger for it. “If I were to associate an overall theme I guess it would be ... stay true to who you are & what you believe in,” adds Vampire.

With the album in the can and the band out of the studio, Vampires Everywhere! will be spreading their dark gospel nationwide and beyond in support of Hellbound And Heartless. Keeping in the great tradition of the undead who have walked before them, Vampires Everywhere! have gone through a metamorphosis themselves - boasting a new line-up, a new sound and a new vision, VE! have fangs bared and are ready to rip and tear, leaving all in their wake Hellbound And Heartless.