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Vampires Everywhere!
Hellbound & Heartless
CD, Digital Download

Michael Vampire
Aaron Graves
DJ Black

VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE has taken the alternative music scene over in the past year. From touring with the likes of Black Veil Brides, X-Japan, Alesana, Brokencyde and more to being featured in Alternative Press’ ‘100 Bands You Need to Know’, VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE have already made thousands of die hard fans and 2011 is set to be the year when they truly ignite the music world with their brand of rock that blends elements from electronic, metal, screamo and alternative rock.

The story of VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE! starts with fearless leader Michael, who formed the group influenced heavily by Joel Schumacher’s 1987 cult classic ‘The Lost Boys’. “Like the characters, I have also always considered myself lost and trapped within a world that only embraces its own. This movie embodies everything I stand for: anarchy, vampires, youth, love and revenge,” Michael reveals. This notion led Michael to search for those who he could relate to. This search brought forth the other lost souls who would form the brotherly coven Michael had hoped for: Aaron Graves, Philip Kross, Alex and David Hernandez. Together, sworn to a dark oath, they formed VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE! and created one of the most wildly exciting bands in recent memory.

Since forming, VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE! has spread their bloodline all across North America. Legions of fans showing their undying support for these twisted individuals have arisen across the country and made their presence known. Whether purchasing albums and merchandise, attending live ceremonies or forming their own hordes of supporters in their respective cities, this legion is quickly becoming larger and spreading the new gospel of VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE! far and wide. This was made evident by the incredible fan fare surrounding the release of their ‘Lost in the Shadows’ EP through Hot Topic last year.

Then, as the band began unveiling their live ceremonies, the fandom of VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE! truly exploded. Copies of their EP flew off the shelves, selling through more than 9,000 copies of this limited edition EP, available only through Hot Topic. VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE! then hit the road for their first full tour across the nation, in support of Black Veil Brides, giving covens their first chance to meet the gentlemen who have masterminded this movement. Since then, fan support grew more and more thanks to not only the band’s heavy touring schedule, but due to the genuine bond that has formed between VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE! and their fans – recognizing that you don’t have to conform to society and that being yourself will lead you to the people who will truly accept you.

Now the time has come for the masses to experience the full-length debut from VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE! This coven of outcasts has turned their penchant for blood to music and on May 17th they will unleash ‘Kiss the Sun Goodbye’ upon the hordes of undead across the globe. Led by the fiery first single “Undead Heart” and anchored by tracks like the anthemic “Kill the Chemicals” and “Bleeding Rain” which features a guest appearance by WiL Francis of Aiden, ‘Kiss the Sun Goodbye’ will be one of the most talked about albums of 2011. Not to mention an already impressive touring schedule that includes treks with Alesana and Brokencyde, which should keep VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE! on the road and in your face throughout the year.

Out of the shadows of Los Angeles comes a bloody and disgusting new take on the rock scene. Women and children beware, there are VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE!