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The Man-Eating Tree
Digital Download

Tuomas Tuominen
Janne Markus
Mikko Uusimaa
(Bass )
Heidi Määttä
(Keyboards Vesa Ranta - Drums)

Century Media Records licensed "Vine" from Cobra Records for the world outside of Finland. Their debut single "Out Of The Wind" already reached position #3 in the Official Finnish single charts in May 2010. The seed of THE MAN-EATING TREE was planted when Vesa Ranta began to overcome his post-SENTENCED lack of inspiration to play music. The idea of a new band was brainstormed over a period of time between Vesa and his friends, including gentlemen Miika Tenkula, Janne Markus (Poisonblack, guitars) and Mikko Uusimaa.

Since it is a rather personal story let us allow Vesa to tell us how he found his new band-mates for THE MAN-EATING TREE: "After Sentenced I was in regular contact with my old band mate and friend Miika Tenkula. We spoke about establishing a new band and tried to make it happen for a while. However, finding a competent singer turned out to be difficult. Miika and I rehearsed only once. During this jam-session we drafted up and recorded one song. Unfortunately Miika’s life came to a sudden end in February of 2009. I remember the moment I received the call from a relative of Miika. I was far up North, in the middle of a photo-session and could do nothing. It was impossible to believe the news - and it is difficult to this date. Still, life is full of surprises. One turn just happened only a few days after Miika’s funeral. An acquaintance of mine knew that I was looking for a singer and sent me a link. It was the website of Fall Of The Leafe with Tuomas on vocals. It felt like some strange fate had steered life for a moment, because his voice was exactly what Miika and I were looking for - we found Tuomas right after Miika had left us. I approached Tuomas and asked if he would be interested, as I felt that the long fermented idea of a new band needed to be taken to the next level straight away. Not tomorrow, but now. Thinking about it, this was a part of my own mourning process. I contacted another friend of mine, Janne Markus, with whom I had discussed working on a new band over a couple of years. Janne had already written several songs that suited Tuomas’ voice perfectly. Only a few weeks down the road the line-up was completed and we were working in full gear.”

This happened just a year ago, in the spring and summer of 2009. The majority of the songs were written by Janne Markus whereas Tuomas Tuominen is responsible for the lyrics. Vesa Ranta, however, takes care of all artwork for THE MAN-EATING TREE which makes their visual representation extra-personal. “This is a real group effort and not just my band”, says Vesa. It didn’t take long until they started tracking “Vine” partly at Mastervox Studio as well as their own home-studio in Oulu. For the vocals as well as the mix they went to the well-known and acclaimed Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Amorphis) who worked with SENTENCED and POISONBLACK before. “He is a good friend of ours and in my eyes the best producer in Finland”, says Vesa who appreciates Hiili’s open-mindedness and love for slightly odd sounds. “On ‘Vine’ we used several including the sounds of whales.”

Recording a coverversion of Moody Blues “Nights In White Satin” was originally Miika Tenkula’s idea who always wanted to cover it with SENTENCED. “I had the urge to record it in his memory. Moreover Tuomas’ voice fits perfectly to the song”, explains Vesa. THE MAN-EATING TREE’s debut album "Vine" is scheduled for a release in September 2010. It is the perfect time of the year when leaves turn golden, bronze and red, when the days turn shorter and you just feel like curling up in front of a cozy fireplace while the shadows of the winter start to crawl up at night. It is the perfect time of the year for THE MAN-EATING TREE’s atmospheric metal.