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Vol. 4

Sami Vauhkonen
(Lead Guitar)
Sauli Kivilahti
Jukka Outinen

Female-fronted quintet LULLACRY is finally back with their new full-length album, pragmatically entitled Vol. 4, and the band is guaranteed to continue winning over the hearts of worldwide fans of gothic heavy rock with the incredible high quality delivered throughout these 40 new minutes of music. Once again, LULLACRY have delivered an all-killer-no-filler type of album that includes the best straightforward songwriting formula to be found in their genre:
The catchy rocking opening “Perfect Tonight” or the album’s first single “Stranger In You”, the modern grooving and midpaced “Love, Lust, Desire” or also the sweet ballad “Heart Shaped Scars” will give you a great idea of a band that ready to conquer open-minded mainstream audiences as well as please those who have followed the steady and driving progress shown by LULLACRY ever since they started out in 1998. Hooklines that won’t leave you untouched and a vast amount of dominating melodies with a crafting heaviness in delivery are the main key to the band’s irresistible appeal.

Originating from Finland’s capital Helsinki, LULLACRY released their debut full-length Sweet Desire in 1998 on Heart, Trust and Respect Records, moving on to Spinefarm Records for their sophomore release Be My God in 2001, which was also the first part of the licensing activity by Century Media Records for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, BeNeLux and North America, helping them to further expand their growing worldwide fanbase. The release was promoted with a European tour supporting Edguy which achieved amazing reactions for the band and reassured that their material is tailor-made for the stage.

After parting ways with their then-vocalist Tanya due to musical differences in 2002, LULLACRY secured a perfect replacement to front the group in the almost identically named Tanja, and quickly moved on to work on their acclaimed third album, titled Crucify My Heart, as well as the Fire Within EP in 2004, which was released as bridge between the full-length albums to kick off a big North American tour supporting Nightwish. Vol. 4 was recorded in the band’s native Finland at Astia Studio by Anssi Kippo (Children Of Bodom, Entwine) as well as Finnvox Studio by Mikko Karmila (Nightwish, Stratovarius), while Mikko also took over the mixing duties, culminating in a brilliantly produced album that will altogether leave no doubts about the band’s defined and impressive sense for creating some of the most entertaining and passionate heavy rock out there these days...