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Irreligious (Vinyl re-issue 2016)
black LP+CD & LP-Booklet & Poster, transp. red LP+CD & LP-Booklet & Poster, transp. orange LP+CD & LP-Booklet & Poster, transp. green LP+CD & LP-Booklet & Poster

Fernando Ribeiro
Pedro Paixao
(Synths & Samplers, Guitars)
Mike Gaspar
Ricardo Amorim
Niclas Etelävuori

Mission accomplished: “Lusitanian Metal”, the first ever DVD of MOONSPELL, will be unleashed upon mankind in December 2008. And be assured, the wait was worth while, as “Lusitanian Metal” is doubtlessly one of the most elaborate and most fascinating DVDs in metal history!

DVD1 features one complete live show recorded live in Katowice in 2004, all video clips (from “Opium” to “Everything Invaded”), an in-depth interview with all current band members and a detailed discography. DVD2 offers an excellent historical overview of the Portuguese metal institution during its stay on Century Media Records with no less than 50 live tracks, starting with some very old school live rehearsal recordings back in 1992 and ending with fantastic live footage from the “Spreading The Eclipse Tour”.

“Lusitanian Metal” will be released as a sophisticated limited edition kingsize mediabook with both DVDs as well as a CD with the complete Katowice show as well as a standard 2DVD in a super jewel case. The CD included in the limited edition will also be available separately.