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Old Man's Child
Slaves Of The World

(vocals, lead guitars, bass guitar, acoustic guitars and keyboards)
Reno H. Kiilerich

Norwegian Black Metallers OLD MAN’S CHILD are back at last...and with a vengeance! "Slaves Of The World" is the 7th studio album of the original band of Dimmu Borgir's Galder, who hereon acts as sole composer, guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist. For drumming duties and continuing the tradition of ever-changing high profile players, the gifted multi-instrumentalist Galder this time enlisted the versatile and punishing skin-pounding skills of Peter Wildoer (Darkane, Pestilence, ex-Arch Enemy, etc.) and he once more relied on the production duties to be handled by Fredrik Nordström / Studio Fredman (Opeth, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, etc.), who already worked with OLD MAN’S CHILD on the much lauded previous releases “In Defiance Of Existence” (2003) and “Vermin” (2005). This extreme, yet bombastically melodic Black Metal masterpiece is rounded off by devilish artwork by Gustavo Sazes (Firewind, God Forbid, Krisiun, etc.).

Where many other acts in the (over-) crowded Black Metal genre tend to focus on wild and wicked posing, shocking stage antics or crude sounding recordings, Galder has decided to walk a different path with OLD MAN’S CHILD: The evil mastermind concentrates on creating elaborate and extremely diverse studio recordings that summon unholy and gloomy atmospheres via the genre’s most relevant yet sadly often shunned element – the music itself! Compared to earlier works by OLD MAN’S CHILD, which even ventured into proto-pagan Black Metal territories in their early days, “Slaves Of The World” easily marks the darkest, most hateful and intense opus of the band. From monumental, triumphantly marching mid-tempo over to insane blast-beat driven passages, melodic, atmospheric synthesizers and a vicious mix of possessed screams and deep growls, “Slaves Of The World” stands out as a relentless album that exposes many entertaining and diverse facets making it even more fascinating for listeners not necessarily affectionate to the Black Metal tag. OLD MAN’S CHILD have herewith proven once again that Black Metal can be a serious and captivating form of pitch-black art! Prepare to be sonically enslaved…