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Of Rust And Bones
Digital Download

Ville Laihiala
(Guitar / Vocals)
Janne Markus
Marco Sneck
Antti Remes
Tarmo Kanerva

Together we die alone…

This is not only a line taken from POISONBLACK’s track “Bear The Cross,” which will be the upcoming video-clip and lead single track for Finland. It is also a line written by Ville Laihiala (ex-Sentenced), guitarist and singer from POISONBLACK, who explored the abyss of his soul again: “As usual it took a year of adventures in life and relationships to put my innermost feelings into the shape of songs. Everything is straight from inside of my head.” With “A Dead Heavy Day” he tried to be more straight forward and honest than ever before. “Compositions and lyrics are supposed to support each other as good as possible to express my innermost emotions.”

POISONBLACK recorded “A Dead Heavy Day” at Soundmix Studio in their hometown Oulu with Kari Vähäkuopus, which put them in the right mindset for what the band refers to as an easy and quite relaxed recording experience. Still, make no mistake. With their third album the band strived for a dirtier and more rocking sound than before. Hence, special credits go out to Aksu Hanttu (Entwine), who mixed the album at Grooveland Studio in Lahti, for understanding what sonic texture POISONBLACK were looking for. Guitarist Janne Markus sounds confident and happy about the final result: “He totally got that we wanted a heavier, yet transparent sound.”