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The Devastated
Devil's Messenger
Digital Download

Greg Wilburn
Eric Correa
Manny Contreras
Andrew Holzbaur
David Sittig


The Devastated have grown up in the same “Inland Empire” area of Southern California that’s spawned the likes of Suicide Silence, Winds of Plague and a host of others. However, their musical mission has been to carve out their own niche with their brand of catchy yet absurdly heavy music they term “grimy and gross”. Now with the band’s Century Media debut Devil’s Messenger, they went for a sound that’s not only “real” – like you’re standing in the same room with the them– but also “really ugly”.

Put on the record and you’ll understand. The Devastated grew from the final line-up of the Riverside, CA band Oblige, perhaps best known for their Expectants album on Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta’s Stillborn label. Oblige members Wilburn and Correa had already taken on a new sonic identity (that facilitated a name-change and fresh start )with the rest of the group’s line-up rounded out by former members of area metallers Impending Doom. It was based on the promise of a two-song demo that Century Media inked the band. What resulted was beyond what anyone could have expected.

Produced by the band with Chris Eck with co-production and mix by Daniel Castleman (best known for his work with As I Lay Dying), Devil’s Messenger is an unrelenting avalanche of riffs and Wilburn’s insane vocal delivery. The lyrics are always clever: the likes of “Pseudo Smile Campaign” puts a smear on the Prozac Nation or the title track’s swipe at organized religion steamroll with a sardonic grin.

Already, the buzz around the band has been growing. After a short West Coast tour with Suicide Silence, The Devastated will play Revolver magazine’s pre-party for their Golden Gods Awards Show at The Key Club in Los Angeles alongside label mates Winds of Plague.

The Devastated will exceed your expectations as the buzz around their album and brutal live show grows to a deafening roar. Get ready for The Devil’s Messenger to ride out.