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Girl On Fire
Not Broken
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Austin Held
Nick McMahan
Josh Mouser
Harry MacDonald
Nicholas Wiggins


"One of my favorite cliches," waxes Girl on Fire's singer Austin Held, "is ‘the best revenge is living well.’" Held smiles and then continues in the reflective tone usually reserved for the telling of first kisses, "So the reason we named our EP Revenge is less about getting back at anybody and more about the rewards of perseverance."

Positivity and perseverance are trademarks of Girl on Fire. Formed in 2008 in Seattle, the quartet has endured both a lukewarm Seattle musical scene that has become saturated with Hot Topic-clad clones as well as lineup changes. Sharing the ethos of their friends in Victory Records’ Aiden (Will Francis produced the band’s newest release, Revenge), they've simply put their heads down and focused on developing their sound, twice winning slots on the Ernie Ball Stage of Warped Tour in 2008 and 2009. “We never wanted to be part of any trend or scene. We’ve lasted because we loved playing this music with each other.”

Girl on Fire's refreshingly positive philosophy is also apparent in the band’s songwriting - a powerful blend of sharp guitar work and anthemic vocals. Revenge is filled with crisp riffs, danceable rhythms, and heartfelt lyrics. And though they toe the line of “emo” they choose melody over the corny Cookie Monster vocals, having more in common with early Linkin Park or Taking Back Sunday than Atreyu. "I have always felt that loud, aggressive music can and should be catchy," adds Held. “Some of our favorite bands growing up were Tears for Fears and Led Zeppelin.”

When prompted about the band's potential future and achievable goals, Held is focused: "we know the EP is just an introduction for us.” GOF plans to keep on the road for most of 2012, stopping only to finish recording the full length, and then of course, the band plans to hit the road for more touring.

“We are first and foremost a live band,” reminds Held. "If the best revenge is living well," quips Held “then we’ll indeed be getting our revenge in 2012….”