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New Years Day
Victim To Villain

Nikki Misery
Ash Costello
Jeremy Valentyne
Brandon Wolfe

At one time or another, each of us has suffered heartbreak—and each person deals with it in different ways. However, instead of moping around or flirting with illegal substances, NEW YEARS DAY—vocalist Ash, guitarist Mike, drummer Russell, guitarist Keith and bassist Adam decided to transform their relationship woes into a brand of goth pop that?s as catchy as it is cathartic. "I was going through a really bad break-up two years ago and so was Adam, and we had both ended up at Keith?s house somehow," Ash explains about how the band formed. "I played both of them the music I?d been writing for my new project and they both fell in love with it—and that night we formed NEW YEARS DAY.” Within mere months of forming, Fall Out Boy?s Patrick Stump and Motion City Soundtrack?s Justin Pierre noticed them. Both were early supporters and collaborated with them on the song "Brilliant Lies." They were then touted by Alternative Press for their "blend of girl-power vocals and dark pop-song structures," who then gave a heads-up to the record industry: "We'd advise A&R reps to start booking flights, like, now.”

The band has been making quite a noise and touching the hearts of many fans with their ultra-catchy, anthemic songs that just happen to be loaded with daggers for lyrics. Further separating them from the boy-dominated punk scene is the truly unique presence of singer Ashley Costello (you just call her Ash) providing distinct and empowering vocals to a rock band that can really back it up. NEW YEARS DAY also began to hit the road, playing shows with bands like Jimmy Eat World, The All American Rejects, The Plain White T's, Dashboard Confessional, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Things got even hotter as the band had their video for “I Was Right” added into rotation at MTV.

The full-length debut by NEW YEARS DAY, „My Dear?, followed featuring a song co-written with Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack. NEW YEARS DAY also played on both the main support stage and main stage at Warped Tour 2007 and quickly became one of Fuse's favorite new acts, winning the #1 spot on the show "Oven Fresh." Almost directly after the release, TVT records, the band?s home, announced it was to go bankrupt and sell everything it owned, including NEW YEARS DAY. After some time of struggle, losing band members and fighting to even keep their own band name, the band won their rights and is now back to performing and moving forward to the 2nd record. The band members now include Ash Costello (vocals), Russell Dixon (drums), Dan Arnold (guitar and formerly of the band A Static Lullaby), and Anthony Barro (bass). The band has also inked with Hollywood Waste Records and will soon unveil their „Mechanical Heart? EP before hitting the road as part of Warped Tour once again this summer. Their sound has grown and is decidedly more mature with elements of chamber pop and dark electronics that make for a completely unique sound and style all of their own. The band has also completed a video for their latest single, “Two in the Chest, One in the Head” and look to be on the road all year long. Determined to make up for the hardships they faced as TVT Records crumbled before their eyes, NEW YEARS DAY will be one of the most talked about bands in alternative music. Ash Costello shines and shows a true star power that will keep you keep you watching and a voice that will stay in your head.