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The Moaning
Blood From Stone
LP, CD and Digital Download

Pierre Törnkvist
Patrik Törnkvist
Mikael Grankvist
Niklas Svensson
Andreas Nilzon

THE MOANING’s only album “Blood From Stone” is one of those “I read about it, but never listened to it” albums. Why? Because the band comes from Luleå, which back in the days was quite isolated from any kind of metal scene. Because the band never toured outside of its home town. Because the cover artwork got delayed for quite some time although the album was already announced. Because all band members were still so young. All those reasons might serve as an explanation why “Blood From Stone” never made it big. Still the album has managed to stand the test of time and nowadays is hailed as a classic piece of dark Swedish death metal with an evil melodic touch. “Blood From Stone” offers everything one can ask for: Harsh vocals, somber riffs, eerie yet beautiful melodies, a grim production, a fantastic uncanny cover artwork. Being out of print for many years now, “Blood From Stone” has become pretty sought-after nowadays. With the re-release of the album you now once more get the chance of listening to one rare, unjustly overlooked and excellent piece of Swedish death metal history. Kristian Wåhlin has supplied us with an excellent new scan of the outstandingly great cover artwork which now unfolds its pure beauty, especially on the LP cover and the 60x60 cm poster that comes with the vinyl. The entire layout has been reworked and includes lyrics and liner notes.

“Blood From Stone” will be released on January 28th as a standard CD jewelcase (initial print comes with a black bottom side CD) for midprice and on limited LP (180gr vinyl, printed innersleeve, 60x60cm poster, first time on vinyl). Be quick if you want to get a copy of the vinyl. We only did 500 copies of which 100 copies come on solid blue vinyl that can exclusively be purchased here: http://www.cmdistro.de