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Heart In Hand
Almost There
Physical - Digital

Charlie Holmes
Ed Hartwell
Ollie Wilson
Carl Martin
Sam Brennan

Having formed in late 2008, Heart In Hand undoubtedly have their own signature brand of Melodic Hardcore, and the world is starting to notice. Combining ferocious and dynamic heaviness with majestically layered soundscapes to startling effect. Touring with artists such as Miss May I, Bleed From Within, Texas In July, For The Fallen Dreams, Dead Swans, Carpathian and Gallows to name a few.

The debut demo “Loyalty” hit over 10000 plays within an hour when it first dropped on the bands Myspace in late 2008. The band toured relentlessly in the UK to build themselves, before 2009\\\'s \\\'Heart In Hand\\\' EP was released by the band.

2010, Summer: Heart In Hand signed to Siege Of Amida and finished work on their debut album “Only Memories”, recorded in January 2011 with producer Andy Hayball (Slipknot and Bring Me The Horizon).

On May 23rd they released \'Only Memories\' with an overwhelmingly positive response which saw the band grow very quickly, playing to packed crowds at Ghostfest and Hevy Festival, then touring the mainland and the UK for the rest of the year, further cementing their furious live presence.

2012 saw the band re-enter the studio with exciting young producer Pedro Texeira (Bury Tomorrow).

The resultant album, entitled \'Almost There\', is quite simply a masterclass in how to create a truly engaging Hardcore record. With soaring peaks and bitter lows, the album incinerates the listener before embracing them again with a wave of melody. Featuring guest vocals from Mallory Knox and Bury Tomorrow, \'Almost There\' is an epic, sprawling release that will make Heart In Hands mark on the global market.

\'Almost There\' will be released May 13th 2013.