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Joe Copcutt
Adam Carroll
Douglas Wotherspoon
Jonathan Rogers

With riffs heavy enough to tilt the earth off-axis and more hooks than a night in with Mike Tyson, London rockers ZOAX have built themselves quite the reputation since forming in 2013. Landing a record deal early on for two EPs, the quintet have now put the finishing touches on their self-titled debut album. It lives up to its promise and then some – kicking like a mule over 12 arena-bothering anthems. This is the sound of a band finding their true identity, and, more importantly, one unlike anything else in today’s music scene…
“Our mission was always to create an organic and exciting sound,” says frontman Adam Carroll. “And the same goes for our live shows – no matter how big or small the crowds are, it’s incredibly important that we get every single person involved in some way. When people pay to see us live, to hear our music, we want to make sure that it’s worth every penny.”
Perhaps the most remarkable thing about ZOAX is the fact that while there’s no doubting they know how to rock out when the situation calls for it, there’s also an incredibly breathtaking array of influences seeping into their collective sonic mayhem. It’s all too easy for guitar bands to forget the heart and soul of the song underneath all the heaviness, which is exactly why the 40 minutes that make up this highly-anticipated debut remain thrilling from beginning to end. Whether that be through writing choruses worthy of our largest stadiums or being unafraid to introduce electronic textures into an otherwise predominantly analogue soundscape, it’s evidently clear ZOAX are a band unafraid of letting their art find a life of its own.
“I’d say if there’s anything missing from today’s rock scene – it’s excitement,” continues Adam. “Too many of the same sounding bands are being pushed and it’s become oversaturated. Things need to be spread evenly because there are plenty of amazing and diverse bands out there that deserve to be heard… We have our rock influences, but jazz and soul are easily my favorite genres of music from listening to Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Sam Cooke at an early age. Feeding into that style, we also have different influences like Bonobo and NAS – it all just drives us to do what we do. When you listen to their records, you believe them – they create music full of passion and life. That is exactly what we want people to say about ZOAX.”
“But rock music will never slip away,” he adds. “People will always be hungry for it and the fans in the rock/metal scene are the most diehard. But we need to open the gate to more original and exciting bands in order to keep it alive and interesting. That’s the only way to move forward. Our view for ourselves is to keep on the road and play every show we get to as many people we can. Playing live is the golden key for every band at this stage.”

And that’s precisely what they’ve been doing, having hit the road with Funeral For A Friend, Cancer Bats, Nothing More and Gallows plus two appearances at Download Festival in their three years of existence. And – of course – they’ll back again this year. The truth of the matter is there’s only one real way for a rock band to break through in this day and age… and that’s hard graft. You get the impression it’s something ZOAX have known all along, and with their first full-length under their belts, things are about to get even busier.
“Getting to play Download Festival twice was a massive achievement that happened so early in us starting the band,” grins Adam. “We’re looking forward to coming back. Building the kind of fan base we have in three years is a gigantic achievement and one that we hope keeps on building. We’d like to think a band like us would be able to tour with a whole range of artists, from Billy Talent, Paramore and Deftones to Daft Punk, Bad Rabbits or Kendrick Lamar! So let’s see what happens…”
Who knows, with arguably the most important British rock debut of 2016 under their belts, they may very well just pull it off.