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The Astral Sleep (Re-issue 2015)
Black LP, Gold LP

Johan Edlund
(Guitars, Vocals and Keys)
Anders Iwers
Lars Sköld
Thomas Petersson

Tiamat have long been one of Europe's most successful gothic metal bands, but their sphere of influence extends beyond both geographic and stylistic boundaries. They've toured America with legends like Black Sabbath and Motorhead, and now, with Judas Christ, this Swedish quartet is proving their capacity for perpetual innovation and forward thinking, incorporating more modern technology and electronics into the writing and recording of Judas Christ than they have on any of their earlier albums.

The task of finding an ideal sound was crucial to the new material, and thus was entrusted to only the most competent of hands and ears. To this end, Tiamat selected Lars Nissen to record Judas Christ in Copenhagen's Puk Recording Studio, the studio in which two of the band's favorite albums were produced: Sisters Of Mercy's Vision Thing and Depeche Mode's Music For The Masses. Nissen, one of the world's foremost producers, and Edlund have been in touch since working together on the frontman's solo project Lucyfire, for which Nissen handled the final mixing duties.

Tiamat has enjoyed a successful metamorphosis from a feral black metal band to a sound-cosmos embracing more diverse influences. While the early albums often dealt with a paranoid state of feelings, their recent material has tackled more concrete topics and the communicative exchange between people. Edlund explains: "Wildhoney and A Deeper Kind Of Slumber were way more dreamy, whereas Skeleton Skeletron is telling the truth behind all those stories."

Declaring that the times of pure bitterness are over, Tiamat are dedicated to exploring the intricacies of interpersonal life and a positive approach to life.

On February 26, 2007, Sweden’s TIAMAT, one of the most successful and influential artists in the metal genre, will release “Commandments” presenting a magnificent overview on the band’s stellar career. The track-list has been personally selected by TIAMAT showing the band’s roots in sinister Swedish Death Metal over to the heavily Pink Floyd-influenced “Deeper Kind Of Slumber”-phase until the catchier, not less brilliant gothic metal songs of the following studio albums. “Commandments” certainly is more than your standard best-of release, but offers apart from an exquisite selection of tracks a stunning and luxurious design. The glossy black CD contains 16 songs with a total playing time of almost 80 minutes and the booklet can be folded out into an inverted cross. Like the track-listing the entire layout and cover artwork has been created by TIAMAT-mastermind Johan Edlund himself exclusively for this release. The smoky grey Jewelcase adds another ounce of visual gloom amalgamating perfectly with TIAMAT’s dark soundscapes, whereas the liner notes to each song, written by bassist Anders Iwers, allow detailed insights into the TIAMAT universe like never before.