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I Am Heresy
Thy Will
CD & Digital Download

Nathan Gray
Jay Sin
(Guitar )
Simon Gray
(Guitar )
Gregg Kautz
(Guitar )
Matt Balog

Originally Nathan Gray (also of Boysetsfire) formed I AM HERESY in 2011 to live out his love for dark, violent noise. Just a year later the band already recorded their self-titled debut album which came out in North America via Magic Bullet Records in October of 2012 and in Europe via End Hits Records in early 2013. The album caused a serious stir: Its mixture of noise, chaos, structured mania and organized violence struck a nerve. Not only the fact that Nathan was doing a band together with his grown-up son Simon (who plays guitar in I AM HERESY) turned a spotlight onto the band.

Part of the apocalyptic “wall of sound” that I AM HERESY create on “Thy Will“ comes from the sheer power generated by three guitars. Another important component is the band drawing influences from diverse genres to form a unique sound. On “Thy Will” shimmering black metal melodies crash with chaotic 90ies-noisecore in the vein of Deadguy and full-on thrash-treats fight vicious negativity reminiscent of Clevo hardcore icons Integrity. Furthermore, I AM HERESY sprinkle in dark and heavy folk elements to add a whole different dimension to their sound. Gray himself adds a nice bonus: People know about his multi-layered vocal talents, but the focus is different with I AM HERESY. While you’ll find melodic choruses in songs such as “March Of Black Earth“ or “Seven Wolves And The Daughters Of Apocalypse“ the majority of the songs focus on Gray’s dark and sinister vocal side. Despite the grim screaming and shouting they remain catchy as hell.

In a nutshell, the songs on “Thy Will“ examine the old idea of “good and evil” when it comes to the lyrics. “The whole concept of evil, hell and purgatory is made up only for one reason: few people in power use them to create fear and link their believers to them. In the end, all of these fears are constructs to grant these people more power and wealth. Moving away from these fears, making up your own mind, and creating a view on life that’s based on knowledge and reason can be very liberating“, states Gray.

“We are definitely not a side project. We are a full time band, we want to tour and play as much as possible”, explains Gray. “Boysetsfire are an established band and we don’t really tour that much anymore, so there’s plenty of time in my schedule to fill. I am ready for putting all my energy and time in I AM HERESY.” The release of “Thy Will“ is heralded by a US tour with Off With Their Heads (“Musically, we have nothing in common. It’s gonna be very exciting.“) short before the album comes out. After I AM HERESY already toured Europe in March of 2013 with Hierophant plans for more European touring in support of “Thy Will” are already shaping up.

There’s a storm on the horizon. Beware.