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Death After Life

Jason Kocol
(E.M.T. (Emergency Metal Technician))
Sean McGrath
(M.D. (Medical Deviant))
Ross Sewage
(R.N. (Registered Nut))
Raul Varela
(D.D.S (Doctor of Dissolute Science))

Masters of maniacal medical malpractice, Oakland, California’s IMPALED are ready to disfigure fans with their gut-wrenching Century Media debut “Death After Life”. Returning with razor-sharpened guitar riffs and heart-stoppingly heavy rhythms, the band has delivered their third limb-severing full-length album. IMPALED was founded in the Year Of Our Gore 1997, begat by vocalist/guitarist Sean McGrath, who quickly inspired drummer Raul Varela to join in the morbid surgical mayhem. In 1999 bassist Ross Sewage enlisted, cementing the band’s line-up for their classic demo “From Here To Colostomy”.

In 2000, IMPALED recorded their first album, “The Dead Shall Dead Remain”, subjecting locales to a multitude of eviscerating live performances. Then the floodgates opened and the dead rose and invaded the land (i.e. they toured the U.S. with Nile and Incantation), and the unwary public was laid to waste and reborn as IMPALED worshippers.

After two more horrific discs and another set of national blood-soaked killing sprees, the band found a world sickeningly repulsed yet eagerly awaiting their regurgitated offal. The services of EMT “Emergency Metal Technician” and guitarist Jason Kocol were then enlisted rounding out the abominable goretet. The band’s effective yet gore-ridden experience in the operating theatre led them to look for a record label capable of properly disseminating their gruesome ideologies. Century Media stepped in, and an experienced surgeon speed-staunched the haemorrhaging talent. Trey Spruance (Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3) and noise-guru Billy Anderson (Brutal Truth, EyeHateGod, Neurosis, Melvins, Sick Of It All and many more) were enlisted to record the repugnant noises, and the world’s sickest concept album “Death After Life” was pressed for posterity. What future terror will mankind be made to suffer under the bile-encrusted fists of the almighty IMPALED? Only time will tell…