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The Shrine
Rare Breed
Special Edition CD Digipak, Gatefold black LP+CD & Patch, Gatefold transp. red LP+CD & Patch, Gatefold transp. green LP+CD & Patch, Digital album

Josh Landau
Court Murphy
Jeff Murray

Venice Beach, Dogtown, California. Circa, now. You’re hangin’ in front of your local pizza spot and a sketchy white van pulls up blasting rock and roll. LOUD. Cue a thundering mix-tape that's equal parts (Black) Sabbath and (Black) Flag ... sounds that suck in the 70's and 80's and spit back out something that alternately grinds and then breaks the concrete itself. There’s smoke trailing out of the rear window and you shudder to think your little sister could be in the back seat. A disheveled gang of longhairs piles out and as soon as they arrived they are gone. You're left standing there with your hands in your pockets, pondering their very existence and by default your own.

Dogtown triumvirate The Shrine dump you inside this van. It’s full of smoke, sweat, Marshall amps, skateboards, and all things heavy. Over the course of their last two records, 2012's Primitive Blast and 2014's Bless Off (both released on Tee Pee Records), the Shrine have captured the hearts and minds of hardcores, heshers and skaters alike. Sonically speaking, this band fuses the wildest riffs of your dad’s vinyl collection with the fury of a backyard punk show getting busted by the cops. Delivered as bursts of urgent screams, the lyrics question reality and demand self-empowerment. True Fact: The very amp that Black Flag recorded their landmark Damaged album with now resides in The Shrine's rehearsal space and has been a part of all of the band's recordings. However, this is no exercise in nostalgia. The lessons from the past have been learned and labels like punk, hard rock, and heavy metal have been transcended and rendered obsolete. The band refer to their sound simply as “Psychedelic Violence”.

Cut to the summer of 2015, Downtown L.A. recording studio. After spending the better part of the last two years riding hot rails from hell around the U.S., Europe, Japan and Australia, The Shrine have found a kindred soul in producer Dave Jerden (Alice In Chains, Social Distortion, Jane's Addiction). He stumbled into Timewarp Guitar Shop on Venice Blvd where The Shrine performed their debut show at in 2009 and heard their record playing. "When I first heard The Shrine at the guitar shop, they were the best blend of punk, thrash and hard rock I've ever heard," says Jerden. "I had to work with them.” The result is pure California Jam '74 meets Suicidal skate rock being force-fed brown acid by Charles Manson.

"When Dave walked into our garage and immediately began talking about Captain Beyond, I knew we had the right dude", guitarist/vocalist Josh Landau says about meeting Jerden for the first time. Having toured the globe exhaustively and gigging with everyone from heavy rock supremes Graveyard to metallurgists like Municipal Waste to indie rockers, Dirty Fences, The Shrine will join with none other than Motörhead, Slayer, & Suicidal Tendencies on the 2015 Motorboat cruise on Sept 28 - Oct 2. In addition, 2015 looks like a crushing year for The Shrine with dates throughout the world - including a European tour as direct support for Kadavar in November & December.