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Painted Wives
Obsessed With The End
CD, LP, Digital

Justin Suitor
Jeff Lyman
Derek Eglit
Ryan Williams

PAINTED WIVES Ink WorldWide Deal With Century Media Records, Newly Remixed and Remastered Debut Offering Obsessed With The End Set For An April 29th Release and New Lyric Video For "Hollow Bones" Posted Online

PAINTED WIVES are a perfect enigma of a band. Their Century Media debut, Obsessed With The End is at once dark, inscrutable and simultaneously spirit elevating. These Huntington Beach, CA based doomsayers cast aural allusions from a grotto where Mastodon, Cave In and Alice In Chains cavort and coalesce while orchestrating nightmares in sound as provocative as they come. This album is a re-release of the band's self-financed debut offering, which has been remixed and remastered by the world renowned producer, Machine (Lamb of God, Clutch).

The brand new lyric video for the track, "Hollow Bones," can be viewed now at the link below.

Obsessed With The End Official Pre-Order Link

Helmed by guitarist Justin Suitor (with their line-up rounded out by drummer Derek Eglit, bassist Justin Morales and guitarist Jeff Lyman with collaborator, conspirator and outside lyricist Ryan Williams taking an unconventional, but official role in the band), PAINTED WIVES rose from the ashes of celebrated Orange County ensemble, Railroad To Alaska, to fill a void in the local heavy music scene. Head over now to http://www.facebook.com/paintedwivesmusic for all additional information.

Justin and Ryan state: "We are beyond excited to be a part of the Century Media family! We have a great respect for their history and their influence on the heavy music scene. To be associated with all of these great artists is truly humbling and an honor. We immediately felt a connection with the label and the staff. There is no better feeling than to be able to work with people that want to be creative and work hard to make things the best they can be. We are constantly trying to refine our ideas, and Century Media encourages that.

"We also couldn't be happier with Machine's work on Obsessed with the End. He opened up a whole new realm of sonic possibilities for us. He definitely made this album come alive. We had lived with these songs in various states for awhile and the dreaded 'demo-itus' had already set in. Hearing his new mixes erased that immediately. Machine truly emboldened the songs and allowed them to communicate the deeper meaning we had attempted to instill in them.

"Machine's mixes have also brought a new level of confidence to the writing sessions for the next album. Hearing new mixes for the first time is kind of like hearing yourself through someone else's ears. It gives you perspective and a brief abstract of how you might sound to the listener. When the scope of possibility opens up like that, we as a band now have a more lucid understanding of how to speak more directly to our listeners. That influence goes a long way in writing sessions. We try and use that energy to forecast the way future songs can sound.

"All of the new material that has been generated for the next offering is some of the best writing we have done to date. While still encompassing our identity and sound these new songs are expanding our range and testing our focus and ingenuity. Our goal has always been to reconcile the space between sincerity and guttural fanaticism. This stable of songs has potential to do just that.

"PAINTED WIVES is a heavy blue thrash of sound, with a lyrical conscience of bright doom. We spend most of our time attempting to throw a saddle on our ideas and pull them back down to earth in order to share them with people. We are constantly working that way. Instinct, and the untamed nature of things inspires us, but we are also slaves to the calculation. We attempt to 'couple' these things with our music. The balance of this, is how we want to be and what we hope to create. PAINTED WIVES refers to this creative mentality."

Having won the title of "Best Live Band" at the 2012 Orange County Music Awards, it was their re-christening as PAINTED WIVES and the light shed upon the original self-released version of the tracks,"Hollow Bones" and "Stay with Me" by fans and outlets like Sirius XM's Liquid Metal that led to the band's signing to Century Media. Now, armed with a stunning new mix of the record, PAINTED WIVES are now poised to enfold sonic paintings from the deepest reaches of the human psyche with an originality and confidence few can possibly match.