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Watch Them Die
Bastard Son

Pat Vigil
Greg Valencia
(Guitar & Vocals)
(Guitar & Vocals)
George Rice
Ira Harris

Every so often, people have the tendency to want to inflict bodily harm on another person, something that can be accomplished in many malicious ways. An extreme example would be to shoot someone at point blank range, but if you want to torture someone and watch them die a slow and painful death it is now as easy as pushing play. The volatile debut offering from the Bay Area’s WATCH THEM DIE will beat any listener to a bloody mess. Their goal is to make the most abrasive, in-your-face and dynamic music possible, and this 45-minute album is an endurance test commanding your full undivided attention that will make even the strongest of men cower in fear. If you think you can handle the assault, be sure to call an ambulance before you hit play. Formed in early 2000, this maniacal quintet immediately started to blur the lines between Bay Area thrash, grindcore, crust, punk and metal quickly developing a rabid underground fanbase. These Oakland-based purveyors of the extreme rose from the ashes of several highly influential underground bands - Grimple, Schlong, ELDOPA (aka: 1332), Word Salad, Buzzov-en and OjoRojo - but they refuse to rest solely on their past accomplishments. Due to their energetic and sometimes violent live shows powered by high decibel sound levels, they were already headlining Bay Area venues by their fourth show. Now they are ready to spread their wrath throughout the world. WATCH THEM DIE are quickly going to revitalize the currently stagnant metal scene with their overwhelming intensity. Vocalist Pat Vigil states, “WATCH THEM DIE feels strongly that Century Media is the right label for our music and mission in 2003, as well as in the years to come. We will fly the Century Media flag proudly at every stop of our assault upon the eyes and ears of metal heads around the world. We plan to continue that tradition by touring extensively in support of our upcoming release, and all future releases that carry the WATCH THEM DIE name. A fistful of respect to Century Media and a sword in the throats of those that doubt.” In 2002, the group entered Polymorph Studios in Oakland to record their full-length debut album, one of the most savage debut albums to come along in years. Armed with a bold mission statement stating that they can play with any band on any stage at any time, under any conditions, and always walk away with new devotees is a testament to the group’s sheer power in the live arena. They proved this numerous times by playing shows with such genre mainstays as Impaled and Exhumed throughout the west coast. After completing a national U.S. tour alongside High On Fire they are more than prepared to live their lives on the road for the next two years. This quintet is out to annihilate anything that stands in their way.