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Unleashed:  "Where No Life Dwells" vinyl reissue available for pre-ordering!
13 May 2016
Unleashed: "Where No Life Dwells" vinyl reissue available for pre-ordering!
Back in the late 80's, a Swedish underground death metal band named Nihilist turned into the breeding ground from which two big players of the genre emerged: Entombed and UNLEASHED. Together with Grave and Dismember (R.I.P.), these bands are crucial for turning the punkish Scandinavian death metal s...
Unleashed:  Record DVD at the With Full Force!
30 June 2005
Unleashed: Record DVD at the With Full Force!
Warriors of true death metal art unite! The mighty UNLEASHED invite all of their loyal fans to be part of the recordings for the upcoming DVD. The event takes place at the With Full Force Open Air in Germany, Friday, July 1st 2005 at 0:00h... The beginning of the "Knüppelnacht"! Scream as loud ...
Unleashed:  Live On Stage!
22 February 2005
Unleashed: Live On Stage!
The worldwide success of UNLEASHED’s still hot new album “Sworn Allegiance” once more proved the cult status of this legendary Death Metalheads. The short but intense tour with In Battle and Yattering and the two shows at the X-Mass Festivals this last December presented the four piece in over-the-t...
Unleashed:  confirmed for Wacken!
26 July 2004
Unleashed: confirmed for Wacken!
UNLEASHED confirmed to play at Wacken Open Air 2004!!! Swedish death metal legends UNLEASHED have just been confirmed to perform at this year's edition of Wacken Open Air Festival (August 5th - 7th, 2004)! UNLEASHED, whose newest brutal masterpiece "Sworn Allegiance" hits European stores today (Mo...
Unleashed:  New Song Online!!!
14 June 2004
Unleashed: New Song Online!!!
All hail the Swedish Warriors!!! It shouldn’t be necessary to introduce this outstanding flagship of true Death Metal with thousands of words. “Sworn Allegiance” is the band’s seventh studio album since their foundation in 1989 after the demise of the legendary band Nihilist (the remains of which we...

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