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22 July 2011
Dark Tranquillity: present new video for "Iridium"
Dark Tranquillity:  present new video for "Iridium"
DARK TRANQUILLITY's guitarist Niklas Sundin has always been responsible for the band's visual appearance, whether it's their cover artwork and merch designs-or most recently, their live video projections. Under the name of his own design studio, Cabin Fever, he also created artwork for bands like ARCH ENEMY, TURISAS, and many more. The video for the epic masterpiece "Iridium" from DARK TRANQUILLITY's latest album "We Are The Void" marks his first official film work and is based on the live video projections from the current live show.

Mikael Stanne (vocals) comments about the song: "I remember back in 1996 when Niklas first showed me the rough ideas of something he had recorded on his newly bought portable studio. I instantly loved it but felt at the time that it would be hard for it to fit in on an album. He called it 'Iridium' and I remember sitting in my room trying endlessly to come up with lyrics and vocal melodies for it. After a while it fell into oblivion until 2000 when Martin Brändström joined the band. He and Niklas started working on it again but even then it felt a bit out of place for the album we were working on. So come 2009 and we finally feel ready for this strange piece of music. We once again worked on it for a long time and the end result is something we are very satisfied with. So it only feels natural for Niklas to create his first proper video for this song. I think you find that it accompanies the strangeness of the song and showcases the genius and insanity of the one we call Niklas Sundin. Enjoy!"

Watch the "Iridium" video!

And watch out for another DARK TRANQUILLITY video from Niklas Sundin (in cooperation with photographer Peter Herneheim) to be released soon!