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31 October 2011
Sick Of It All: NONSTOP now available, songs online!
Sick Of It All:  NONSTOP now available, songs online!
2011 marks the 25th anniversary of New York’s finest hardcore export SICK OF IT ALL! In celebration of this anniversary SICK OF IT ALL`s revamped and re-recorded hit collection “Nonstop” is available all over Europe from NOW on (USA release is November 1st)!
If you want to check out the huge step the songs did in the re-recorded versions on “Nonstop”, head over to the band’s facebook profile to check out the NEW versions of “Built To Last” and “Us Vs. Them”!

Since 1986 the guys have been thrashing out classic hardcore anthems and touring the globe without ever taking much of a break. After the release of the highly acclaimed “Based On A True Story” (2010), SICK OF IT ALL took a short break from relentlessly touring this record earlier this year to hit the Antfarm Studio again with Tue Madsen in order to celebrate their 25th anniversary with re-recordings of classic hits for “Nonstop”. Drummer Armand Majidi is giving props to the Danish producer who already worked with them for “Death To Tyrants” and “Based On A True Story”: “This whole thing is partially because of working with Tue Madsen - the man who has finally made SOIA sound the way we should in the studio.”

The track-listing reads as follows:

SICK OF IT ALL “Nonstop”:
1. Clobberin’ Time
2. Injustice System!
3. Sanctuary
4. Scratch The Surface
5. Us Vs. Them
6. The Deal
7. Just Look Around
8. Ratpack
9. World Full Of Hate
10. Pushed Too Far
11. GI Joe Headstomp
12. Never Measure Up
13. Chip Away
14. Busted
15. Locomotive
16. My Life
17. Friends Like You
18. Relentless
19. No Labels
20. Built To Last
21. Clobberin’ Time –KRS One Civilization Mix

The press feedback simply speaks the truth:

"Its just brilliant from start to finish!"
Big Cheese (UK)

“All your self-compiled S.O.I.A. iPod playlists can be thrashed now…!”
Rock Hard (GER)

"Nonstop is … a perfect tribute to the Hardcore scene!”
Metallian (FR)

SICK OF IT ALL online: