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29 November 2011

Progressive djentlemen VILDHJARTA have just premiered their new video clip "dagger" here! Directed by Jakob Arevarn (http://www.arevarn.se), "dagger" is the second music video from the Swedish septet's forthcoming debut album, måsstaden, which will be released via Century Media Records on November 28th in Europe and November 29th in North America.

The band's previous music video, "benblåst", can be viewed here. In this mind-bending video clip, director Rob Mestas draws us into the obscure world of måsstaden, a concept record that tells the tale of a hidden and isolated town, narrated in a classic fable manner.

VILDHJARTA's conceptual masterpiece is now available for pre-order on CM Distro, so be sure to reserve your copy here. All pre-orders will include a download of the non-album track "to be continued", which will be emailed to customers on street-date. See below for måsstaden's track-listing.

måsstaden track-listing:
1. shadow
2. dagger
3. eternal golden monk
4. benblåst
5. östpeppar
6. traces
7. phobon nika
8. måsstadens nationalsång
9. when no one walks with you
10. all these feelings
11. nojja
12. deceit
13. the lone deranger
14. to be continued (CM Distro pre-order track ONLY)

Reviews for måsstaden are already rolling in, so read on for critics' takes on the latest from VILDHJARTA:

"...måsstaden proves that VILDHJARTA not only know exactly what they are doing, but also that they are capable of making focused, engrossing and fantastic music...When this officially drops, you cannot ignore it." - 10/10, Got-Djent.com

"If you're sick of high-pitched and whiny singing and are in the mood for something much more dark and intense that almost manages to outdo MESHUGGAH in absolute madness, then VILDHJARTA is the band for you." - 4.5/5, Heavy Blog Is Heavy.com

"For a debut full length, måsstaden is incredibly solid. These wild-hearted Swedes have created a monstrous album that is an experience akin to diving headfirst into concrete. It isn't quite progressive metal and it isn't quite deathcore; it's nestled in that sublime category where genres are mixed, categories interwoven and the only genre tag you can manage to attribute to VILDHJARTA is 'pure badassery'. Thall." - 4.5/5, The New Review.net