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17 January 2012
Arch Enemy: preparing for 'January Khaos 2012' tour, new live footage online!
Arch Enemy:  preparing for 'January Khaos 2012' tour, new live footage online!
ARCH ENEMY are preparing to get back out on the road next week, playing shows in Romania, Greece, Israel, Turkey, Russia and Finland.

18.01.2012 - Arenele Romane - Bucharest, Romania ' BUY TICKETS
20.01.2012 - Gagarin 205 - Athens, Greece ' BUY TICKETS
21.01.2012 - Block 33 - Thessaloniki, Greece ' BUY TICKETS
24.01.2012 - Reading 3 Club - Tel Aviv, Israel ' BUY TICKETS
27.01.2012 - Refresh The Venue - Istanbul, Turkey ' BUY TICKETS
28.01.2012 - Milk Club - Moscow, Russia ' BUY TICKETS
29.01.2012 - Glav Club - St. Petersburg, Russia ' BUY TICKETS
31.01.2012 - The Circus - Helsinki, Finland ' BUY TICKETS

Angela Gossow comments: "Happy New Year, everybody! We have rested up at home and are now ready to spread more Live Khaos! This time we are hitting some rather remote and exotic locations! We love to discover new territories... After all, music is our shared common language. It transcends all barriers, religions, traditions and even politics. Music speaks its mind and knows no borders! We are here to encourage people to fight for unity, equality and freedom - and of course to play extreme metal, the ARCH ENEMY way, for you! This message is always the right one, no matter where on this planet we set up a stage and perform for you. Looking forward to rock out with you again!"

Check out the new video clip posted by ARCH ENEMY's front-of-house engineer Clem Bennett, recorded at their recent concert in Tilburg, Holland December 9th, 2011: Youtube