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27 January 2012
Lacuna Coil: "Dark Adrenaline" out!
Lacuna Coil:  "Dark Adrenaline" out!
The wait is finally over and by the time Australia and New Zealand is getting up to read the news "Dark Adrenaline" is out in most countries worldwide.

Press feedback to "Dark Adrenaline" includes:
Covers of Rock Hard (I), Metal Hammer (ES), Rock Tribune (B), Terrorizer (UK), Powerplay (UK)
Cover insert Up Magazine (NL)
Metal Hammer (I) Album Of The Month
Aardschok (NL) Soundcheck #4, "10 Maal Eremetaal"
Rock Hard (D) Soundcheck #6
Sonic Seducer (D) Soundcheck #7
Metal Hammer (D) Soundcheck #8
A massive, 24-page special in Metal Hammer (UK)

Outburn (US): "LACUNA COIL knocks one out of the park with Dark Adrenaline... it is an album without filler and one for which start to finish spins are mandatory."
Kerrang! (UK): "It's as if they've taken all the best bits of Lacuna Coil and ratcheted each one up a notch."

LACUNA COIL's native Italy is excited:

Metal Hammer (I): "The 12 songs of Dark Adrenaline are all tied by an explicit "desire for metal", especially in the use of the two guitars by Maus and Cristiano, like we haven't heard in a while in the Lacuna Coil camp. ...Their coming of age album? Evidently yes."
Rock Hard (I): "Their sound has become unique. Their personality and charisma are exemplary."
XL (I): "Dark Adrenaline is an album of extremes: more powerful and more melodic, and Cristina never sounded so strong and eloquent. We are proud of them."

To get a taste, check out their clip for "Trip The Darkness": Watch it on YouTube!

In Europe and Australia / New Zealand the album is available in the following formats:
Ltd. Edition CD+DVD Box Set (incl. Special Edition Digipak, calendar 2012/2013, 3 buttons)
Special Edition Digipak CD+DVD (incl. "Dark Passengers"-DVD)
Ltd. CD (alternative artwork created by LACUNA COIL)
Gatefold LP (incl. entire album on CD)
Digital Album
iTunes Digital Album (several formats)
The "Dark Adrenaline" iTunes LP offers the regular 12 track album plus extensive bonus content like an exclusive bonus track (Soul Inmate) from the "Dark Adrenaline" session, 5 acoustic live tracks and the "Trip The Darkness" video. It also includes 6 mini-movies (Chapter I: The injected, Chapter II: While you sleep, Chapter III: Carnage euphoria, Chapter IV: The human box, Chapter V: All you can eat, Chapter VI: The sane madness) telling the story of "Dark Adrenaline", all album lyrics and a photo gallery.
Please note that not all formats are available in all countries.

The Ltd. Edition CD+DVD Box Set is already getting rare and hard to find in some territories!

Produced by the acclaimed Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Bullet For My Valentine), "Dark Adrenaline" promises to deliver the melodic, sensual, metallic rush for which the band has come to be known.

After extensive tours throughout their native Italy, UK as well as selected shows in Benelux and Greece even before the album release LACUNA COIL is supporting Megadeth on their critically-acclaimed Gigantour in North America around the release of "Dark Adrenaline".