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15 February 2012
Napalm Death: Leaders Of The Extreme debut 3rd track-by-track!
Napalm Death:  Leaders Of The Extreme debut 3rd track-by-track!
Yet another week hits you with the third part of the brilliant "Utilitarian" track-by-track feature of "The Kings Of Grindcore", as the German Metal Hammer calls NAPALM DEATH. Check out the next four new songs and learn from Barney (vocals) all about the deeper meanings behind them...

Metal Hammer Magazine (Germany) said about the new album that "... it is the diversity that keeps NAPALM DEATH after 30 years still on the top position of extreme metal!" and voted "Utilitarian on position 4 in the soundcheck of their March issue! The sensational new album surfaces February 27th in Europe (USA February 28th) and will be available as Special Limited Edition with two exclusive bonus tracks, as Limited Gatefold Vinyl in different colors and with three exclusive bonus tracks (one is vinyl exclusive!) Of course you can get your standard CD and Digital Download of "Utilitarian" as well.

Follow the link below to the Century Media Records YouTube channel to see NAPALM DEATH front man, Mark "Barney" Greenway, guide you through the next four songs of the album. The songs in this 3rd track-by-track are "Orders of Magnitude", "Think Tank Trials", "Blank Look About Face" and "Leper Colony".

Track-By-Track No.3

Be also one of the few lucky people who owns the rare collectors vinyl 7" single of "Analysis Paralysis". This strictly limited collector's item features one track of the new album "Utilitarian" and another new and single-exclusive song! The beauty is available in black and 2 even more limited colored vinyl versions! Get it at the Century Media Records online-shop!

NAPALM DEATH live 2012
02.03. Tilburg - Neurotic Deathfest (Netherlands)
03.03. Aachen - Musikbunker (Germany)
04.03. Paris - Maroquinerie (France)
17.03. Kathmandu - Metal Mayhem (Nepal)
19.03. Jablonec - Eurocentrum (Czech Republic)
20.03. Cheb - KC Svoboda (Czech Republic)
21.03. Pardubice - Zluty Pes (Czech Republic)
22.03. Ostrava - Garaz (Czech Republic)
23.03. Slavonice - Sokolova (Slovakia)
24.03. Trencin - Piano Klub (Czech Republic)
25.03. Kosice - Colloseum (Slovakia)
26.03. Budapest - t.b.a. (Hungary) NEW
27.03. Cluj-Napoea - Flying Circus Pup (Romania)
29.03. Pfarrkirchen - Bugaloo (Germany)
30.03. Antwerp - Trix (Belgium)
31.03. Enschde - Atak (Netherlands)
04.04. Blios - Chatodo (France)
05.04. Castres - Bolegason (France)
06.04. Rambouillet - Usine a Chapeaux (France)
07.04. St Brieuc - Citrouille (France)
20.04. Aiglemont - Rock Sur El' Mont Festival (France)
21.04. Montbeliard - Impetus Fest (France)
22.04. Pforzheim - Haus der Jugend (Germany)
27.04. Lausanne - Les Docks (Switzerland)
28.04. Bari - Demode' Club (Italy)
29.04. Livorno - The Cage Teather (Italy)
05.05. Lissabon - Jurassic Club Fest 2012 (Portugal)
11.05. Magdeburg - Factory (GER)
12.05. Essen - Zeche Carl (Germany)
13.05. Neukirchen - Sägewerk (Germany)
24.-27.05. Sonar-Baltimore - Maryland Deathfest (USA)
01.06. Barcelona - Primavera Sound (Spain)
15.06. Clisson - Hellfest (France)
14.07. Neukirchen-Vluyn - Dong (Germany)
27.07. Bertingen - Rock unter den Eichen Open Air (Germany)
02.08.-04.08. Wacken - Wacken Open Air (Germany)
06.08. Tolmin - Metalcamp (Slovenia)