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11 May 2012
TesseracT: Premieres "Dream Brother" via Metal Hammer UK
TesseracT:  Premieres "Dream Brother" via Metal Hammer UK
UK's TESSERACT has just made "Dream Brother" available as stream via Metal Hammer UK's website, so head over to check out this very special cover of the song:

Amos Williams (bass): "We decided to cover 'Dream Brother' (originally by Jeff Buckley) for an acoustic session in New York. Myself and Acle spent ages looking at different tracks. I think we entertained 'Tear Drop' by Massive Attack, 'Thin Air' by Anathema, and many more. But 'Dream Brother' just fits TESSERACT very well. Plus it is one of our collective favourite tracks. It's always a risk working with a track that you love, but we feel we did it justice. It's a great showcase for the musicianship in TESSERACT, and the deep emotive power that Elliot has added to the band since he joined."

"Dream Brother" will be out on the Perspective EP that is set for a North American release of May 22 and a European release of May 21. The five song digital only EP features "Eden 2.0", acoustic versions of three tracks ["Perfection (acoustic)", "April (acoustic)", "Origin (acoustic)"] from the band's debut album, One, plus the aforementioned cover of Jeff Buckley's classic, "Dream Brother". As a bonus, iTunes will offer instrumentals of all the songs on the EP.