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11 May 2012
Paradise Lost: Decibel Magazine cover story now available on newsstands
Paradise Lost:  Decibel Magazine cover story now available on newsstands
As torchbearers of the gothic/doom metal scene, PARADISE LOST has seen much success overseas in Europe, but they have yet to break into the mainstream in the States, despite having influenced countless bands across metal's many sub-genres. To celebrate their influential role in the scene and to welcome the release of their new album, Tragic Idol, Decibel Magazine is featuring PARADISE LOST, "metal's most underrated band", as the cover story for their June issue that's available on newsstands today. Fans can also purchase this tribute to the "Shadow Kings" online in Decibel's webstore.

In this special issue, Decibel subscribers will also receive the previously announced PARADISE LOST gold-on-black flexi disc for the exclusive b-side "The Last Fallen Saviour". To listen to the track, head over to MetalSucks.net.

If you still haven't heard PARADISE LOST's Tragic Idol yet, please visit DecibelMagazine.com for the exclusive album stream! To purchase the album, head over to CM Distro for various CD/vinyl formats, plus iTunes or Amazon for a digital copy.

Read on to find out what press worldwide have to say about PARADISE LOST's critically-acclaimed new album:

"'Worth Fighting For', 'To the Darkness', 'The Glorious End' and the stunning title track are halcyon days tunes, when the only things that mattered were Big Gulps, a Sony CD Walkman (with car adapter) and the music of change...'Tragic Idol' won't sway the 40,000+ morons who bought METALLICA's 'Beyond Magnetic' EP into believing in PARADISE LOST, but for the 40+ Painless--four of which hold residency at Decibel--still kicking around the States, it's a firm symbol that there's ample life left." -- DECIBEL MAGAZINE (US)

"Nearly 25 years into their career, PARADISE LOST demonstrate with 'Tragic Idol' that 13 (as in albums) can be a particularly exquisite number...the music only gets better as you dig deeper." -- EXCLAIM! (CA)

"Another excellent PARADISE LOST record." -- METAL SUCKS.net (US)

"As the band near the 25-year mark in their storied career, the stark change in music direction from their early days of doom-laden death metal to the synth-metal of 'Host' to today's melodic brand of gothic metal tends to obscure the fact that they've been one of the most consistent acts in heavy music since the late Eighties...the melodies that can be found on 'Tragic Idol' are far more plaintive than soaring, and in places even downright sinister." -- GUITAR WORLD.com (US)

"'PARADISE LOST fans have plenty to look forward to from this album, and it's got cross-genre appeal due to the range of influences readily heard in the music." -- METAL UNDERGROUND.com (US)

"'Tragic Idol'is easily the best that PARADISE LOST have sounded since the early-to-mid-nineties...PARADISE LOST's triumphant return to yesteryear is finally upon us. And oh what a glorious return it is." -- THE NEW REVIEW.net (US)

"PARADISE LOST are incapable of making anything mediocre." -- SPUTNIK MUSIC.com (US)

"...throbs with the vehement class we've come to expect." -- KERRANG (UK)

"...it's great to have these waylaid pioneers back doing what they do best." -- METAL HAMMER (UK)

"The band never ever presented their excellence better than today." -- ROCK HARD (GER)

"This record has some of the most impressive songs they ever wrote." -- REVOLVER (SPAIN)

"This album reaches their most ambitious goal." -- METAL HAMMER (ITALY)

"PARADISE LOST fans couldn't wish for a better album than 'Tragic Idol'." -- AARDSCHOK (NL)

"PARADISE LOST is returning to their roots with an album that defines their original sound while sounding fresh and very inspired!" -- HARD ROCK MAG (FRANCE)