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29 May 2012
Marduk: new album "Serpent Sermon" out today!
Marduk:  new album "Serpent Sermon" out today!
The hierophants of Swedish Black Metal have started preaching the "Serpent Sermon". MARDUK's 12th studio album will hit the streets today. "Serpent Sermon" is both a memorial for the glory of Black Metal as well as a signpost for a whole scene that far too often drowns in mediocrity and predictability, offering ten diverse songs within the entire spectrum of Black Metal. Be it the opener and title track with its majestic chorus, the creeping doom beast "Temple Of Decay", "Souls For Belial" or "Gospel Of The Worm" with their pure and untamed blasting ferocity or the epic "World Of Blades", each track of "Serpent Sermon" relegates every rivaling band further to the fringe. This is Black Metal mastery.

"Serpent Sermon" will be available in the following formats:
1. Standard CD Jewelcase
2. Deluxe Mediabook CD (with 40-page booklet and the exclusive track "Coram Satanae")
3. Deluxe LP (with 180g vinyl, gatefold sleeve and kingsize 12-page LP-booklet)
4. Digital download

Vinyl collectors beware: An exclusive LP version on dark-red vinyl is available on www.cmdistro.com. This version will also include an exclusive 7inch EP (on dark-red vinyl as well) with the bonus track of the Mediabook CD "Coram Satanae". Be fast as this version is limited to only 300 copies and almost gone by now.

MARDUK International press quotes:

"This is MARDUK's definitive album. A masterpiece" 9/10 Rock Hard (IT)

"MARDUK beats up every black metal act with its "Serpent Sermon" album." Inferno (FI)

"...the vitriolic fire and brimstone is there in spades and ist poisonous bite is potent." 4/5 Terrorizer (UK)

"After 22 years this band still got it, we don't need to say more." 91/100 - Rock Tribune (BE)

"MARDUK proves again to be the absolute top of Black Metal!" Aardschok (NL)

"[MARDUK's] latest album, 'Serpent Sermon', is something of a return to form-or more accurately a return to Satanism...'Serpent Sermon' is nothing if not a lyrical blitzkrieg on the tenets of Christianity." Revolver Magazine (USA)

"Some beasts seem to be immune to the burdens of old age" 8/10 - Sweden Rock (SE)

"...maybe the most powerful black metal album of the year." 8/10 - Close Up (SE)

MARDUK summer festival appearances:
July 5 - Pratteln, Z7, CH, ExtremeFest Switzerland
July 6-7 - Hünxe, DE, ExtremeFest Germany
July 6-7 - St. Pölten AT, ExtremeFest Austria
July 27 - Malmö, SE, Faceplant Metalfest

MARDUK online: