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04 June 2012
The Agonist: "Prisoners" out now; album stream online!
The Agonist:  "Prisoners" out now; album stream online!
Today, extreme metallers THE AGONIST are unleashing their long-awaited third studio album "Prisoners" in Europe via Century Media Records! In anticipation of this release, the band has now launched a full album stream via Loudwire.com, check it out

THE AGONIST's first single, "Ideomotor", can be heard HERE
To buy "Prisoners" online, click HERE

"Prisoners" track-listing
1. You're Coming With Me
2. The Escape
3. Predator & Prayer
4. Anxious Darwinians
5. Panophobia
6. Ideomotor
7. Lonely Solipsist
8. Dead Ocean
9. The Mass Of The Earth
10. Everybody Wants You (dead)
11. Revenge Of The Dadaists

Reviews of "Prisoners" are already rolling in! Read on to see what the press have to say about the latest from THE AGONIST:

"THE AGONIST writes some crunchy, brutal songs that will have even the most jaded metalhead, fist-pumping along." -- PURE GRAIN AUDIO.com

"THE AGONIST spent three grueling years putting ['Prisoners'] together, not because its original release date got pushed back, not because the Montreal-based band is on tour promoting it, but because it kicks ass." -- YELL MAGAZINE.com