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25 June 2012
Morgoth: "Cursed To Live" released today!
Morgoth:  "Cursed To Live" released today!
MORGOTH's first ever live release "Cursed To Live" is off the leash!!!

The album marks a milestone of the band's still ongoing celebration of the classic album "Cursed". MORGOTH - doubtlessly the most influential German death metal band ever - reunited in 2011 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Cursed" and since then the band has played numerous shows packed with all the many highlights of their two EPs, "Cursed" and "Odium". "Cursed To Live" is meant for all you MORGOTH supporters since the early days, throughout the band's hiatus and also for those having discovered the sheer intensity of true teutonic death metal just lately.

"Cursed To Live" is released on CD, DVD/2CD and as limited 2LP.

Vinyl maniacs out there: A super limited grey vinyl version will be exclusively available at CM Distro. Be fast, as this one will be gone in no time! Check HERE for more details

The main live show featured on the album was recorded at the band's triumphant show headlining Way Of Darkness Festival 2011, on which MORGOTH performed an extensive set of 15 songs with the main focus on the songs off "Cursed", among various other death metal classics.

Here are some comments about MORGOTH from other extreme Metal artists:

"The German Pioneers of Death Metal are back!"
Mille Petrozza / KREATOR

"MORGOTH impressed me a lot back in the day when I was a growing teenage Death-Metal fan and they do it again these days! They are one of the most intense live-bands I ever saw and it's great to witness that vibe captured on this live recording now! Creeping, crushing, merciless - with this release, their songs finally pass the test of time! MORGOTH to me are still the captain of the German Death-Metal national team!"

"The first time MORGOTH played with us was quite a memorable occasion for me, for two reasons: Firstly because it was 2 weeks before my daughter was born in July 1990 and secondly because their guitarist Carsten borrowed my amp and blew it up. Nearly 2 years later we did the 'Bleed til Eastern' tour of Europe together and amazingly Carsten came up to me with the money for my amp he blew up 2 years earlier. Now that is honourable. They were great on that tour and I always remember the singer wearing luminous contact lenses with a UV light in front of him to give these weird glowing eyes, which was incredibly cool to watch. It's good to see they are back, playing Death Metal the way it was meant to be."

"MORGOTH...The best old school Death Metal band from Germany, hands down!!!"
Trevor Peres / OBITUARY

"It's great to see the MORGOTH boys back in business, kickin' ass like in the old days! Good ol' German death-fury as always..."
Ola Lindgren / GRAVE

"I remember our first show with Morgoth back in 1991 on the MASSACRE/MORGOTH/IMMOLATION tour. I was blown away watching them for the first time...They were so heavy and brutal! To me they were and still are crushing German Death Metal! They are back with a vengeance...The scene needs MORGOTH!!!"
Terry Butler / MASSACRE

Join MORGOTH at their upcoming live-shows:

MORGOTH - "Cursed" Anniversary Reunion Live Dates 2012:
SA 14.07.2012 Ballenstedt / Ostharz (Germany) - Rock Harz Festival www.rockhard-festival.com
FR 27.07.2012 Marburg (Germany) - KFZ + Lay Down Rotten & Hyems www.kfz-marburg.de
SA 28.07.2012 Steenwijk (The Netherlands) - Stonehenge Festival www.stonehengefestival.nl
FR 10.08.2012 Josefov (Czech Republic) - Brutal Assault Festival www.brutalassault.cz
FR 17.08.2012 Dinkelsbühl (Germany) - Summer Breeze Open Air www.summer-breeze.de
FR 02.11.2012 Berlin (Germany) - H.O.F.23 / Brutz & Brakel "Stromgitarrenfest" 3 + Entrails & More
SA 03.11.2012 Essen (Germany) - Turock + Entrails, Lay Down Rotten & World Downfall www.turock.de
03.-07.12.2012 Miami, FL (USA) - Nassau, Bahamas / Barge To Hell Cruise www.bargetohell.com

MORGOTH Line-Up 2012:
Marc Grewe - Vocals
Harry Busse - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Sebastian Swart - Rhythm Guitars
Sotirios Kelekidis - Bass
Marc Reign - Drums

A video clip of the track "Isolated" (Live at Way Of Darkness festival 2011) taken off the "Cursed To Live" DVD is launched on Century Media's Youtube channel HERE

Also check out the live track "Body Count", which marked the opening of "Cursed" just as it is the opening live track on the band's live shows and on "Cursed To Live", HERE

MORGOTH online: