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11 September 2012
HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD SPORTS Launches September 28; 23-Acre Theme Park Led by WINDS OF PLAGUE Frontman
 HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD SPORTS Launches September 28; 23-Acre Theme Park Led by WINDS OF PLAGUE Frontman
This year, HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD SPORTS takes over the Hollywood Sports Park. Spread across 23 acres, the park consists of four themed mazes, two Killhouses, a full bar - Club Crimson, three scarezones and a number of additional activities. Located just outside Los Angeles, CA, the haunted concept was developed by Winds of Plague frontman, Johnny Plague. Most of the props, masks and costumes used in the haunted park have been hand crafted and designed by Johnny and his Monster Squad.

"After 8 years of working in the Haunt industry, I have assembled what I call The Monster Squad. This is a team made up talented individuals who all share a common passion for all things horror. The Monster Squad and I have taken over Hollywood Sports Park in Bellflower, CA and have been hard at work transforming it into Haunted Hollywood Sports. I've experienced many haunted attractions around the world and can honestly say this will be a one of a kind experience you will never forget."

The park will be open Sept 28 and 29th from 8:00 PM to Midnight, and October 5th - 7th, 12-14th, 19th-21st, 25th-28th and 31st from 7:00 PM to Midnight. Offering much more than just a 'haunted house,' the general admission price of $29.00 grants you access to a number of activities, including the first main attraction of four themed mazes:

"THE ABDUCTION" brings you to the year 2146...the year of space colonization. While space travel has become an essential part of survival of the human race, a virus has broken out and you must trek across the hostile terrain to escape the disease, trusting no one.

"ALL AMERICAN ARMAGEDDON" takes you into the not-too-distant future where panic and decay has swept the earth and survival is a part of everyday existence. You've managed to survive up until now, when your safe haven has been discovered. Welcome to the end of life as you know it.

In "CANNIBAL CAVERNS", a search and rescue mission team has mysteriously disappeared. You explore the caverns and fallout shelters as a secondary team of volunteers attempting to find answers, while trying to survive the unknown terror that lurks within the dark.

From urban myths, bedtime stories, biblical scriptures, mysterious prophecies....our deepest nightmares have become a reality. The ancient battle between good and evil has unfolded in "CITY OF ANGELS" where it's quite literally, hell on earth.

For a more detailed description on each maze, visit: www.hauntedhollywoodsports.com/mazes

The park also hosts two themed outdoor, interactive Killhouses - "VOODOO KILLHOUSE" and "ZOMBIE KILLHOUSE" - that can be accessed for a small additional fee. What is a Killhouse you ask? It's where you get to fight back. Upon entry, patrons will receive a Rental Airsoft Gun, Rental Mask and BBs. Each player will be issued a Single-shot, Semi-automatic Pump Shotgun with .20gram BBs. For an additional fee, players will also have the option of upgrading their Airsoft Shotgun to a Semi-automatic Assault Rifle G36c. Armed with protection (and a signed waiver and safety video), your group will be led through a blacked-out playing field of monsters, zombies and ghouls on the attack.

Taking place in Cajun Terror field, "VOODOO KILLHOUSE" takes you to the Deep South, where ghouls and spirits have been unleashed onto your town. Like any good Southerner, you're ready to defend your town and kill them bastards.

Think you're really ready for a Zombie Apocalypse? Find out how prepared you really are in the "ZOMBIE KILLHOUSE". Located in the Combat Center, infection has spread and flesh-eating monsters are after you. Grab a gun, take your team, clear out the city, and survive.

For a more detailed description on each Killhouse, visit: www.hauntedhollywoodsports.com/killhouses

HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD SPORTS is one of the few haunted attractions that also offers a full bar to 21+ patrons. CLUB CRIMSON is a 2-story club facility located inside the park, built with actual props from the movie "The Haunting". At no extra cost, the club offers music, dancing, outdoor smoking patios and photo opps, and will host nightly DJs, with guest appearances and meet and greets from celebrity guests. For a list of drink specials, celebrity announcements and more information on CLUB CRIMSON, visit: www.hauntedhollywoodsports.com/21-bar

The park also has a number of "Scarezones." These are open areas throughout the park where monsters and zombies will be roaming among attendees. The park will be showing silent films, and the arcade and rock wall will be open for use. Food and drink will be available for purchase at concessions stands throughout the park.

For more information on Pricing, Hours, VIP Packages and all things HOLLYWOOD HAUNTED SPORTS, visit:
www.hauntedhollywoodsports.com and www.facebook.com/HauntedHollywoodSports

Interested in becoming a zombie, monster or other ghoul?
HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD SPORTS is having one final job fair on Sunday, September 16. For more details, visit: Hiring Event